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The First Catholic Church in Joliet, Illinois
The First Chicago Church Records, 1833-44
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A freelance writer of articles based on historical research, Nancy has 20 years' experience in archival, historical and genealogical research with specialization in land records, gravestone studies, and the Illinois and Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor. Her business publishes books and booklets about Northeastern Illinois history.

Nancy researched and prepared the nomination papers for two buildings subsequently placed on the National Register of Historic Places in Illinois and one in Montana.

After 24 years spent residing near the Illinois and Michigan Canal, Nancy and her husband moved to Choteau, Montana, where she continues to do historical and genealogical research. She is a part-time reporter for the award-winning Choteau Acantha newspaper and volunteer-hosts three websites, one on the Illinois and Michigan Canal one of the Friends of Old Agency on the Teton Inc., and one on Teton County, Montana. 2010-11 Nancy Thornton

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