1893 Jury Duty Teton County Montana

"Transcribed from the Teton Times Newspaper by Nancy Thornton, Choteau, Montana. All rights reserved."

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April 1, 1893
Sheriff A. B. Hamilton having served notice on all the jurymen we append the list for May [1893] term.
Grand jury.
Clark, B. Perry
Cooper, CW
Cowell, AJ
Jackson Sr., John
Jones, WD
McCuaig, JC
Ralston Sr., SF

Trial jury
Allen, MF
Barrett, WS
Burd, MH
Carr, TR
Chisholm, EW
Cofer, Josiah
Collins, Nat
Cooper, MD
Cowell, FP
Davlin, Chas
Dean, RP
Fairburn, Robt
Fellers, Adolph
Fowler, AB
Freyer, JW
Heighton –
Hilger, Jos
Hopkinson, JG
Howard, WA
Lillard, Wm
Quigley, JC
Radcliff, Henry
Reed, SG
Salois, Toussaint
Scoffin, CR
Shannon, FD
Trommer, Ed
Twiggs, R

Sept. 16, 1893. The Docket. Following is the list of trial jurors for September [1893] term of court.
Bean, J.F.
Bjornstadt, Carl
Brown, R.S.
Bruce, Angus
Cheezum, S.C.
Cox, John A.
Cox, Levi
Edwards, Geo. W.
Fowler, Geo. B.
Gallagher, W.H.
Gleason, John R.
Harris, Carl
Hirshberg, Julius
Howard, W.A.
Kelly, S.T.
Kropp, August
Lapage, Charles
McKnight, J.W.
McPhee, S.A.
Miller, J.J.
Mitchell, J.B.
Osgood, E.J.
Phillips, James
Potter, S.L.
Rhappold, Charles
Richards, George
Rose, Elbridge
Wallenstein, J.B.
Whaley, Otis P.
Zimmerman, Fred
Nov 25, 1893 The jury. Following is a complete list of the trial jury for this [November 1893] term of court.
Abel, David
Arnold, George
Beach, S.A.
Brown, S.H.
Carpenter, C.F.
Chezum, S.C.
Cohen, Sol
Connelly, Mike
Corson, G.W.
Cowgill, Wm. L.
Green, W.H.
Heins, J.E.
Hnghes (sic), Jere
Kennedy, J.A.
Lane, J.S.
Luce, J.W.
Lyon, W.H.
Malone, James
McGill, George E.
McVey, A.J.
Miller, George F.
Miller, James
Paisely, A.E.
Perkins, C.E.
Sullivan, Daniel
Truchot, Frank
Twiggs, Robert
Vance, A.J.
Walker, J.C.
Webb, J.E.
Summons have been served upon all but Meers Beach and Green.