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1/2/1914 20 years ago. [1894] Taxpayers are anxiously inquiring when Messrs. Neil & McConnel will have the Teton County jail completed. They want to know as there are some bad men who should be locked up soon.

1/23/1914. 20 years ago. [1894] A new county bridge to be built jointly by Lewis and Clarke and Teton counties has been surveyed and will be erected this summer over the north fork of Sun river. This will fill a want long felt, as it is a dangerous crossing in high water. Great Falls Tribune. At a meeting of at the court house it was decided to organize a brass band.

1/30/1914 20 years ago. [1894] Prof. Claubaugh now has a class of 14 pupils in his dancing class. Ladies wishing to take lessons please meet at 3:30 at the courtroom Saturday. By the middle of next week the cages for the jail will be here and two weeks later they will be ready for occupancy. So says the contractor. The Star saloon, run by Clyde Miller & Co., was closed last Monday. This leaves only two saloons besides the bar in the Choteau House.

2/27/14 20 years ago. [1894] A portion of the material for the steel cages for the county jail arrived yesterday and men are now busily engaged in riveting together. Wm. Hodgskiss is putting up another ice house in which he will store the crystalized water for sale during the summer.

3/6/14 20 years ago. [1894] Another installment of steel for the jail cages arrived Wednesday, but unfortunately the parts are not the ones necessary to enable the workmen to proceed with the work. This still further delays the completion of the jail. A.C. Warner has moved his office to the Jackson building upstairs.

3/27/14 20 years ago. [1894] Sheriff Hamilton appointed Wm. Hagen as jailor.

4/3/14 20 years ago. [1894] J.E. Erickson has contracted for the erection of a substantial building to be used as a law office on upper Main street.

4/10/14 20 years ago. [1894] The carpenters are busy remodeling the old Valley Hotel building for the use of the “Choteau Mercantile Co.”

5/1/14 20 years ago. [1894] John Jackson Sr. today began the construction of a building fronting on Hamilton street opposite the courthouse, which is to be occupied by Mrs. Hicks, as a millinery store. Dr. Drake's new drug store building is nearing completion. The band boys will host a social hop at the courthouse on May 10.

5/8/14 20 years ago. [1894] Dr. Drake has the only complete drug store in Teton County. The store is opposite Choteau House. Landlord Hodgskiss has planted a row of trees in front of the Choteau House.

5/29/14 (20 years ago column) (1894) A petition was in circulation today asking that Choteau be incorporated. The necessary number of voters' names were secured in a short time. The petition will be presented at the coming meeting of the commissioners. New hotel going up by Burgy's men. Stone cutting underway for new cornice on courthouse.

6/5/14 (20 years ago-1894) Bair building to house meat market.

6/12/14 (20 years ago 1894) Star Saloon opened up under Ed Hasbrook, manager. Plat of /Dupuyer filed, second town after Choteau in Teton County.

6/26/14 (20 years ago) Choteau now has three general merchant stores. Northern Tennis Club of Choteau former with membership of 15. They propose to fix up two tennis courts.

7/3/14 (20 years ago 1894) The pavilion is about complete, much larger than last year.

7/24/14 (20 years ago 1894) There were no votes cast on the 10th inst., the time set for the election on incorporation. After holding several meetings and a full discussion of the question was had, our townspeople came to the conclusion that after all it was not best to incorporate at this time. Acting on this, no votes were offered when the time for election came, though the judges were ready to comply with the law in the premises.
Perry Getts of Sun River, is now carrying the mails between Choteau and the railroad at Collins, vice the Montana Stage Co., whose route between here and Steell was discontinued July 1. The mails come over the Collins route, but passengers and express continue to come by the Montana Stage Co.'s coaches from Steell as heretofore.

7/31/14 (20 years ago column 1894) On the 22nd and 23rd inst. the thermometer registered 101 and 102 degrees in the shade. Yesterday 75 degrees marked the highest and this morning 46 the lowest. This sudden drop was the result of the furious electrical storm Tuesday night. North Fork bridge over the Sun River between Augusta and Choteau to be completed by Aug. 15.

8/7/14 (20 years ago column 1894) Montana Stage Co. ceased operations on Tuesday, Chas Greene has agreed to run a regular line of coaches between Choteau and Steell carrying the mail. Celebration next Wednesday at the North Fork Sun River bridge.

8/14/14 (20 years ago column 1894) J.W. McKnight of Dupuyer was in town Sunday. Mr. McKnight says that the location of the permanent county seat of Teton county lies between Choteau and Dupuyer and that the latter place will poll at least 200 votes at the fall election. As the census places the voting population of Teton County at 300, it is an easy matter to determine where the county seat will be according to Mack's estimates. - Rising Sun.

8/21/14 (20 years ago column 1894) Papers filed to incorporate the Choteau Building and Improvement Co. with a capital stock of $6,000, members: Wm. Hodgskiss, president; Geo. Adlam, vice president; E.P. Butler, treasurer and manager; Geo. Fowler and harry Haymes. They broke ground on Main street for the foundation of a 50x64 foot two story concrete building to be completed within the next three months. The first floor and basement to be used for business rooms and upstairs will be a hall 47x38.5 and the remainder to be lodge and ante rooms.

8/28/14 (20 years ago column 1894) A strictly non-partisan paper is to be established at Dupuyer and the first issue will probably appear the first week of September. Hardy F. England is to be editor, and the object of the publication is the presentation of Dupuyer's claims to be the county seat and the general advancement of Teton County. Presumably it will advocate Helena for the capital. We welcome the newcomer and wish it pecuniary success. - Montanan.

9/4/14 (20 years ago column 1894) Rev. George Logan arrived with this family on Friday evening last and is now domiciled in the Wilcox residence, pending the erection of a suitable parsonage. Choteau will now have regular religious services each week. The temperature for the last week of August ranged from 106 in the shade to 44.

9/18/14 (20 years ago column 1894) Rev. Geo Logan is busy these days on the parsonage and church grounds. It looks like under his hand a church would be the next thing.
The Dupuyer Prickley Pear, edited by Hardyaeous Angloneous will make its first appearance tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 15, 1894. (He is referring to the Acantha and Hardy England).

9/25/14 (20 years ago column 1894) By the amount of building going up in Choteau one would not think that there was any danger of the town losing the county seat. Work is progressing nicely on the Choteau hall. The Green Stage Line bought out Perry Getts last week and is now running a cart between Choteau and Collins instead of a conveyance for passengers. As a consequence U.G. Allen & Co. will put on a four horse coach on Sept. 24 for the purpose of carrying express and passengers between Choteau and Collins. Mrs. N. Collins, the Montana Cattle Queen, passed through town today on her way to her ranch on the Upper Teton. She expects to publish a history of her life and travels in Montana and other western states.

10/2/14 (20 y ago 1894) The Town Hall building walls are going up rapidly and present quite an imposing appearance.

10/9/1914 (20 y ago 1894) Landlord Hodgskiss is making extensive improvements on the Choteau House front. Choteau Public School Board has printed a pamphlet containing the rules and regulations and course of study of the schools.

10/16/14 (20 y ago 1894) Work on the Choteau town hall is progressing nicely these days. The first story walls are nearly up.

10/23/14 (20 y ago 1894) The walls of the first story of the new town hall are up and the joists for the second floor are in place.

11/13/14 (20 y ago 1894) The town hall building is progressing nicely. The walls of the second story are half up and will be completed in a fortnight if the weather holds good.

11/20/14 (20 y ago 1894) Work on the town hall and new hotel has been temporarily suspended by reason of the snow storm Wednesday night. Robert M. Steele has rented the Choteau house of Wm. Hodgskiss, the present landlord and will take possession on the first of next month.
Canvas of votes for permanent county seat were Choteau 517, Bynum, 198 and Dupuyer 5.

11/27/14 (20 y ago 1894) Grand celebration in Choteau.

Nov. 16, 1894. (Anaconda Standard) The vote in Choteau County on the location of the county seat was Choteau 519, Bynum 191, Dupuyer 5, giving Choteau a majority of 323 over other candidates.
Nov. 17, 1894. Dupuyer Acantha. Hardy F. England, publisher. Official count, Choteau 517, Bynum 198, Dupuyer 5. A large number of our people will attend the celebration at Choteau Monday evening. The people of Teton County are invited to attend a free dance and supper at Choteau next Monday evening, in celebration of the selection of Choteau as the county seat.

Nov. 22, 1894. Page 2 (The Helena Independent)
Merry at Choteau
The permanent County Seat of Teton County Opens Wide the Most Hospitable Door.
Many Gathered and Were Happy.
Dance Supplemented by a bountiful Spread at the Choteau House to Which All Were Bidden.
There were three competitors for the county seat of Teton county at the recent election - Choteau, Bynum and Dupuyer. After the ballots were counted it was found that Choteau had a majority of 319 [sic] votes. The people of Choteau naturally felt proud of their success, and, like generous conquerors, desired to extend the hand of friendship to friends and enemies alike throughout the county. As a means to this end they resolved to give a ball and supper free to everyone in Teton county. Invitations were sent to as many as possible, and it was advertised far and wide that all were cordially invited.
An efficient committee was appointed and the ladies of the town engaged to supply food for the expected multitude. The event took place last Monday night. The large court room was tastefully decorated with bunting and Chinese lanterns. At 9 p.m. the hall was crowed with people from all sections of the county from Birch creek to Sun river. The ball opened with a grand march, and from that time until 4 a.m. on Tuesday the music never ceased and beauty and chivalry whirled continuously in the merry mazes of the dance. No sectional feeling was there, but Bynumites and Choteauites commingled as if there never was such a thing as a county seat fight.
Meantime some of the Choteau ladies were in the Choteau House, where, aided by the staff of that hotel, they were spreading a repast which was destined to satisfy the taste of the most fastidious and the appetite of the hungriest man in the land. The tables were tastefully decorated with dainty and substantial viands until they would temp the stomach of the worst dyspeptic. When over 175 couples had satisfied their hunger there was yet plenty to spate. The ladies exercised their greatest powers to accommodate and please, and that they succeeded was abundantly testified to by the universal praise they received from the strangers they undertook to entertain.
Choteau has many good friends in the county who are bound more securely to her by the bonds of good fellowship since that memorable night when she opened her hands and said to all, “Come share my hospitality.

12/4/14 (20 y ago 1894) Gallagher & Phemister will today take possession of the Choteau House. Wm. Hodgskiss, the present proprietor, will devote his attention to his livery stable, and to the duties of assessor to which the people elected him at the recent election.

12/11/14 (20 y ago 1894) John Jackson is fitting up a real estate office in the building lately occupied as a saloon. Neil McCannell has formed a partnership with Geo. Adlam, and they will call it the St. Louis Beer Hall, under the firm name Adlam & McCannell.

12/18/14 (20 y ago 1894) Assessor Hodgskiss has rented out his hotel business and has moved his family into private quarters. Next Monday the Choteau Meat Co. will open a market on Main street. L.W. Lehr has sold his interest in the Choteau Mercantile Co. to A.J. Cowell. On Monday the management of the Choteau House passed to R.A. Allen & Co. with Maj. R.A. Allen as manager. Wm. Hodgskiss will continue to run the livery business at the old stand.

12/25/14 (20 y ago 1894) Beaupre house is doing some remodeling of the interior.

1/15/15 (20 years ago 1895) C.H. Drake of Whitehall, on visit to dad Dr. Drake will be back in Spring to take charge of the Choteau Drug store.

1/29/15 (20 years ago 1895) Bryson Corson has been appointed state agent for Mrs. Nat Collins' book “The Cattle Queen of Montana.”

2/5/1915 (20 years ago 1895) B.W. Clabaugh opened his dancing school Tuesday eve. L.W. Lehr opened his “market” at his old stand on Main Street next door to the Bair building.

2/12/15 (20 years ago 1895) Hardy F. England sells Dupuyer Acantha to C.E. Trescott.

2/16/15 (20 years ago 1895) Teton County pioneers met at Choteau house to effect a permanent organization, S.F. Ralston Pres., A.B. Hamilton, Vice president; J.F. Burd, Secretary; Jno. Jackson, Sr.,-Treasurer; Mrs. Edwin Hasbrouck, 16, daughter of Jacob F., Marguerette Smith, dies Feb. 15, 5th daughter, born on Smith's Fork of Sun river.

3/5/15 (20 years ago 1895) OG. Cooper has moved into town with family in the Cowell residence on Montana avenue. The Choteau Improvement and Building Association will resume work on their town hall building April 1 and push it to completion. Work begun on Dr. Drake's hospital building Monday, good boon to many a sufferer, no place nearer than Great Falls where a patent can be treated.

3/19/15 (20 years ago 1895) Dr. Drake's sanatorium is well underway and but for the cold snap would have been under cover. C.H. Connor has the addition to his carriage factory well under way and will shortly be turning out some of the best work done in the state.

July 23, 1895 Anaconda standard, Controversy over no-bid contract to build Choteau school.

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