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"Transcribed from the U.S. Census Film by Nancy Thornton. All rights reserved."

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Choteau Township (Municipal) Enumerated by Jonathan E. Webb, June 1, 1900
Enumeration District 135 Sheet 1A
Name/Color/Sex/Birth date/age/status/years married/if female #of Children/#living/birthplace/fathers birthplace/mothers birthplace/immigration date/years/occupation

Family/Dwelling 1-1...
Floweree, W. K. head w/m/June 1862/37/m/12/Missouri/missouri/missouri///stockman
Floweree, Norma wife/w/f/March 1868/32/m/12/2/2/Montana/Ireland/Ohio/
Floweree, Willie son/w/m/June 1895/11/s/Montana/Missouri/Montana
Floweree, Norma daughter/m/f/May 1898/2/Montana/Missouri/Montana
Kinna, C. J. Brother-in-law/w/m/March 1865/35/s/Montana/Ireland/Ohio/ranch stock keeper
Amaker, Susie nurse/w/f/June 1880/19/Switzerland/Switzerland/Switzerland/1883/17/family nurse
Sing, Ah employee/ch/m/Jan 1868/32/m/3/China/China/China/1885/15/Family cook
McCauly, Geo employee/w/m/Feb 1860/40/s/Eng Canada/Eng Canada/Eng Canada/1888/12/ranch laborer
James, R. E. employee/w/m/May1878/22/s/Iowa/Iowa/Iowa/irrigator
Eichhorn, Ed employee/w/m/June 1863/36/s/Maine/Maine/NewHamphire/ranch Blacksmith
Oldham, Chas employee/w/m/Mar 1843/57/s/Tennesee/Tennesse/Tennesse/irrigator
Roning, Ole employee/w/m/Nov 1878/21/s/Minnesota/Sweden/Sweden/irrigator
Davidson, John employee/w/m/ Mar 1879/21/s/Minnesota/Sweden/Sweden/ranch laborer
Mogdal, Gus employee/w/m/July 1864/35/s/Wisconsin/Norway/Norway/ranch laborer
Pool, R. M employee/w/m/Mar 1866/34/s/Ohio/West Virginia/Ohio/irrigator
Thompson, Hugh employee/w/m/Nov 1874/25/s/Missouri/Missouri/Missouri/ranch laborer
Bell, Sam employee/w/m/May 1879/21//North Dakota/Michigan/Minnesota/ranch laborer
Barton, T. J. employee/w/m/July 1874/25/s/Missouri/Ireland/Missouri/gardner
O’Neil, Robt employee/w/m/Aug 1851/48/w/Ireland/Ireland/Ireland/UN(citizenship)/irrigator
Anear, W. employee/w/m/Nov 1878/21/s/Canada Eng/Canada Eng/Canada Eng/1900/3-12/ranch laborer
Martin, Jack employee/w/m/Feb 1872/28/s/Canada eng/Canada Eng/Canada/1895/5/ranch laborer
McLeod, J. employee/w/m/Aug 1874/25/s/Canada Eng/Canada Eng/Canada eng/1899/1/ranch laborer
Sparks, Dolph employee/w/m/Nov 1876/23/s/Missouri/Missouri/Illinois/ranch laborer
Brooks, Chas employee/w/m/May 1865/35/s/Nebraska/Illinois/Illinois/ranch laborer
Wills, J. T. employee/w/m/Mar 1878/22/s/Missouri/Missouri/Missouri/ranch laborer
Montgomery, Joe employee/w/m/Jan 1865/35/s/Pennsylvania/New York/Pennsylvania/camp cook
McDonald, J. J. employee/w/m/Oct 1881/18/s/Canada eng/Canada eng/Canada eng/1900/4-12/ranch laborer
Goodwin, J. D. employee/w/m/Dec 1863/37/s/England/England/England/1893/7/na/sheep herder
Bloom, Joe employee/w/m/Sept 1863/36/s/Germany/Germany/Germany/1892/8/1stPa/sheepherder
Young, Clod employee/w/m/Nov 1881/18/s/Michigan/Michigan/Michigan/horsebraker
Gibbons, F. employee/w/m/Feb 1878/22/s/Montana/Iowa/Iowa/horsebraker
Ingram, Jack employee/w/m/May 1874/26/s/Missouri/Missouri/Missouri/ranch foreman
Wills, John employee/w/m/Mar 1880/20/s/Missouri/Missouri/Missouri/ranch laborer
R**, Angus employee/w/m/June 1864/35/s/Canada Eng/Canada Eng/Canada Eng/1885/15/na/ranch foreman
Dorn, A.D. employee/w/m/July 1834//65/w/Picked up at sea-don’t know/ranch laborer
Wills, Lee employee/w/m/July 1881/18/s/Missouri/Missouri/Missouri/ranch laborer
Cooper, Thos employee/w/m/Sept 1871/28/s/Canada Eng/Canada Eng/Canada Eng/ 1890/10/na/ranch foreman
Liamentini, Peter employee/w/m/Aug 1851/48/w/Canada Fr/Canada Fr/Canada Fr/Un/Camp cook
Peters, J. employee/w/m/Feb 1865/35/s/Ireland/Ireland/Ireland/1884/16/na/sheep herder
Schafer, Joe employee/w/m/Jan 1863/37/s/Germany/Germany/Germany/1888/12/na/sheep herder
Madden, Ambrose employee/w/m/Oct 187722/s/Illinois/Illinois/Iowa/ranch laborer
Clifford, John employee/w/m/Nov 1859/40/s/Indiana/Ohio/Ohio/camp cook
Bruce, John employee/w//m/July 1875/24/s/Canada Eng/Canada Eng/Canada Eng/1897/3/1st pa/ranch laborer
Peters, J.J.employee/w/m/Aug 1859/40/s/Ireland/Ireland/AIreland/1879/21/ranch cook
McDonald, Dunc employee/w/m/May 1870/30/s/Canada/Scotland/Scotland/1892/8/na/laborer
McLeod, Murdick employee/w/m/May 11865/35/s/Cabada Eng/Canada Eng/Canada Eng/1896/4/1st Pa/camp tender
Cartwright, A.C. employee/w/m/June 1861/38/s/Michigan/New Jersey/Michigan/ranchlaborer
Rose, John employee/w/m/Aug 1880/19/s/CanadaEng/Canada Eng/Canada Eng/1898/2/Al/ranch laborer
McNeal, E. employee/w/m/Nov 1849/50/s/Scotland/Scotland/Scotland/1873/15//na/sheep herder
Illegible Wm employee/w/m/May 18--/?/Germany/Germany/Germany/18--/?/na/ranch laborer

Choteau Township (Municipal) Enumerated by Jonathan E. Webb, June 1, 1900
Enumeration District 135 Sheet 1B
Name/Color/Sex/Birth date/age/status/years married/if female #of Children/#living/birthplace/fathers birthplace/mothers birthplace/immigration date/years/occupation
Family/Dwelling 1-1...continued

Shortridge, R.D. employee/31/
Easley, H. employee/27/
McCormick, T. employee/28/
Ambrose, Gus employee/17/
Anderson, C. employee/49/
Wardwill, Edgar M. employee/38/
McGuire, Pat employee/21/
Cook, Ed employee/18/
Murphy, Andrew employee/24/
Sharp, Howard employee/24/
Burk, J.E. employee/28/
Painter, John employee/41/
Cottrell, Chas employee/22/
Loomis, Ed employee/51/
Edwards, B.H. employee/19/
Shortridge, Elmer employee/29/
Shasburg, Dan employee/19/
Dahl, M. employee/31/
Donahoe, Thos employee/34/
Ott, John employee/26/
Roseneraus, H.A. employee/22/
Cane, robt employee/35/
Binnet, F. employee/31/
Price, James employee/42/
Lyon, Frank employee/45/
Fuller, Martin employee/34/
Bruce, Locky employee/35/
Holleran, Jerry employee/40/
McDonald, Heck employee/24/
Goff, T.W. employee/45/
McLeod, Rod employee/40/
McAuliff, Tom employee/23/
Blair, Frank employee/48/
Mansur, H. employee/32/
Watts, T. N. employee/28/
Nabbin, Herman employee/22/
Harrison, Nelson A. employee/29/
Lacy, O. employee/22/
Guijer, Howard employee/24/
Hamilton, A.A. employee/26/
Haiseh, D.M. employee/21/
Parkhurst, D. W. employee/26/
Olison, Gus employee/30/
Caldwell, Geo. W. employee/50/
Dunlap, W.J. employee/66/
Matheson, R. employee/42/
Ross, A. employee/23/
Connell, Mich employee/28/
-, Henry employee/?/
Illegible employee/?/
Brown Thos employee/19
Middleton, Wm employee/30
Carlson M. employee
Race, Ben employee
Bill, Thos employee
Dove, Floyd employee
Mustard, Ralph employee
Field, Peter employee
Naltkin, H. employee
Cambell, Chas employee
Grant, O.A. employee
Riech, - employee
Conway, H. employee
Gregory, Hary employee
Russell, Frank employee
Walch, Granville employee
Davidson, D. employee
Cahoon, John C employee
Morton, Will employee
Parmer, J.W. employee
Slater, Garfield employee
Cool, L. employee
Brandings, Fred employee
Hanson, C. employee
Curry, Luke employee
Poppist, Walter employee
Christian, G.G. Head/
Christian, Carrie wife/
Brinegar, J. D. head/
Brinegar, Iva wife/
Brinegar, Mitchell son/
Brinegar, Frank son/
Miller, A.L. employee/
Smith, Eugene, employee/
Brooks, J.F. employee/
Aiken, W. B employee
Barnes, Isaac employee
Lloyd, Albert employee
Nichols, Clifton employee
Christian, W.O. employee
McIntosh, H.A. head
Hildrich, Will boarder
Bushholz, A.F. head
Bushholz, Augusta sister
Dayton, Phillip boarder
Rimbaud, Morsy head
Kellogg, Jus boarder
Hutchinson, - boarder
Illegible boarder
Illegible boarder
McGregor, L.D. boarder
Heard, Martin boarder
Meingster, Anthony boarder
Gauthier, E. boarder
Wagner, Jake head
Mortimer, John head
Goodwin, Emma S. head
Nesbit, John head
Mieranda, C.F. head
Styp, C.N. head
Corson, Byron head
Corson, Jennie wife
Corson, Roy J. son
Corson, Edward N. son
Corson, Clara M. daughter
Langhorn, Thos boarder
Caldwell, Jas head
Taylor, C. Wall head
Black, P. employee
Boser, Geo employee
Boser, Nick employee
Barr, John employee
Collis, Paris employee
Connell, Mat employee
Charland, Chas employee
Franklin, Roy employee
Hagan, Jas employee
Head, Wm employee
Holmes, Thos employee
Hull, Jolly employee
Horte, Thos employee
Horte, Christ employee
Guinee, Claud employee
Inman, Jas employee
Lundafer, Louis employee
Keil, John employee
Comer, G. employee
Wyer, Patrick J. employee
McKenneth, Chas employee
McGregor, Pete employee
Marriatte, Layton employee
Mals, J.R. employee
Moore, Chas employee
Madden, Harry employee
McDonald, Jack employee
Murry, Andy employee
Nutt, Joe employee
Normandy, Frank employee
Peter, Wm employee
---illegible, Robt. Employee
Radcliff, Jas employee
Ragland, J.T. employee
Ross, Jas employee
Riley, Ed employee
Ralston, Jake Employee
Stee, Walter D. employee
Stoner, Robt employee
Son, Soo employee
Schultz, John employee
Sterritt, Jack employee
Smith, Ed employee
Schermerhorn, Jas employee
Spence, Chauncey employee
Stule, Ewing G employee
Stone, John employee
Supmon, John employee
Schultz, E. employee
Tudor, Joe employee
Wilson, W.H. employee
Wilde, Frank employee
Trudo, Pete head
Trudo, Pete son
Bruno, Jos head/w/m/Jan 1859/41/m/10/French Canada/French Canada/French Canada/1880/20/Naturialized/day laborer/cannot read or write/can speak English/rent/house
Bruno, Frazine wife/f/In/f/Jan 1868/32/m/10/5/5/Fr Canada/Fr Canada/Fr Canada/1875/25/-/cannot read or write/can speak English/
Bruno, Albert son/In/m/Aug 1890/9/Montana/Fr Canada/Fr Canada/
Bruno, Andaline daughter/In/f/Sept 1895/4/Montana/Fr Canada/Fr Canada/
Bruno, Olive daughter/In/f/Mar 1897/Montana/Fr Canada/Fr Canada
Bowers, Jas Head
Robare Louis employee
Beach, Wm D. employee
Woods, Jack employee
Bixler, Geo P head
MaGhee, S,A. Head
Lockhart M.J. sister
Lockhart, A.H. nephew
Marriot, Silas a. nephew
Marriot, Henry A. nephew
Andres, Geo, employee
Hinkson, Harry, employee
Olds, Lemuel employee
Wolf, Nicholas employee
Smith, Geo J. Head
Smith, A.B. father
Dart, Jadie R. employee
Cline, John R. employee
Lewis, Albin employee
Hodges, Jesse employee
Rutland, Aug employee
Illegible, A.N. boarder
Illegible, boarder
Miller, d.P. employee
Sasse, Louis, employee
Grey, Chas. W. Head
Grey, Nellie wife
Grey, Bessie S. daughter
Grey, Mary B. daughter
Grey, Chas W. son
Grey, Robt K. son
Grey, Wm D. son
Cameron, Margaret employee
Wolf, Mat employee
Cox, Chas L. employee
Edgar Geo. Employee
Norton, Glen W. employee
Eitelgrerge, W.F. boarder
Vanderhoeven, M. boarder
Stijskal, Joe boarder
English, Charles boarder
Radcliff, Henry Head
Radcliff, Agness wife
Radcliff, Joseph son
Young, Rank Head
Baart, Joe Head
Cook, Wm Head
Salmond, Frank Head
Grey, /Dan C.
Porter, Charlotte Aunt
Ducret, Chas boarder
Porter, Rose cousin
Morrison, Geordie cousin
Miller, Geo F Head
Miller, Ella wife
Miller, Robert H. son
Miller, Geo F. son
Miller, Harry L. son
Miller, Carrie A. daughter
Miller, Ida M. daughter
Kropp, Fred Head
Kropp, Martha wife
Kropp, Annie daughter
Kropp, Minnie daughter
Kropp, Henry son