1905 Jury Duty Teton County Montana

"Transcribed from the Choteau Acantha Newspaper by Nancy Thornton. All rights reserved."

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District court news. Judge J.E. Erickson presiding. It is ordered by the court that a list of 50 names be drawn from jury box no. 1, that they be summoned to report Jan. 24, [1905] at 10 a.m. [Transcribed from the Choteau Acantha 1/19/1905] The following names were drawn:

Arnold, Geo. L.
Bauer, Louis
Beitlich, A.
Campbell, Geo. N.
Chase, W.E.
Clack, J.H.
Cook, Wm.
Crossen, P.H.
Daake, F.F.
Dailey, J.J.
Erickson, Carl
Fowler, Mark
Halladay, A.L.
Haugen, E.N.
Hein, J.E.
Higbee, R.V.
Howe, David
Knowlton, Emery
Kolbe, Wm. A.
Lauffer, Jacob
Lindseth, C.O.
Marks, Harry
Martin, Clyde W.
Messecar, L.A.
Monroe, C.L.
Moore, F.E.
Robinson, H.
Shook, Marion
Stewart, R.G.
Sullivan, Dan
Taylor, Geo. C.
Tedson, Anton
Tellefson, Tob
Therrien, Geo.
Thomas, C.P.
Thompson, Wm.
Twedt, Tom J.
Vasboe, Jonas
Vigen, A.
Wall, Frank

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