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Editorial by T.J. Lowman, The Choteau Montanian publisher. Jan. 20, 1905.
--City incorporation was discussed at some length last Tuesday evening at the Business Men's meeting, and while it had a few favorable exponents, there were others who opposed the measure.
--Why should the town not be incorporated? Well, it increases our licenses and taxes, says the business man.
--Yes, to be sure it will increase your license and taxes, but at the same time with incorporation and the increase of taxes the city will be able to add numerous improvements; among which would be facilities for fire protection. Then when the fire protection comes your fire insurance is decreased, so it is plain that where you pay an increase in taxes you get a decrease in fire insurance.
--The decrease in insurance may not offset the increase in taxes, yet the incorporation of the city gives the town a better standing in the eyes of the public at large.
--Give us incorporation and your rubbish piles will disappear; your streets will be kept clean, and the sanitary condition of the town will be greatly benefited.

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