1907 Jury Duty Teton County Montana

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The court ordered a jury of 50 persons drawn and summoned in the court Monday morning, Dec. 16, 1907, at 10 o’clock a.m. Jury List for Adjourned November Term. December 16. [1907] the following is the list of jurors drawn for the adjourned November term, Dec. 16. [Reprinted from the Choteau Acantha Nov. 14, 1907]
Bauer, Louis
Beitlich, Adelbert
Blair, A.
Brown, Abram
Cambell, G.N.
Carson, F.E.
Cashman, J.E.
Clark, C.H.
Connelly, M.
Gaines, W.N.
Gamble, W.W.
Gibson, James
Goeddertz, A. Jr.
Green, C.F.
Groot, T.
Halladay, H.L.
Harley, James
Hawley, Ted
Hodgskiss, Wm.
Holm, Thos.
Kail, Chas.
Knutson, Andrew
Lenstra, Jacob
Linch, john
Little, Geo.
Luce, T.W.
Manix Thos.
Matis, John
Miller, Henry W.
Miller, J.H.
Monahan, Jas.
Nash, L.L.
Otness, L.J.
Pettigrew, Ed.
Pfeiffer, Nick
Ralph, F.M.
Ralston, S.F.
Smit, Klaus
Smith, Geo. I.
Smith, Henry A.
Snedegar, D.F.
Somes, S.D.
Stephenson, F.N.
Stewart, Duncan
Stoltenberg, H.F.
Thompson, T.L.
Vasboe, Jonas
Walley, A.M.
Ward, J.W.
Younck, Philip

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