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"Summarized from the Choteau Acantha Newspaper with their permission by Nancy Thornton, Choteau, Montana. All rights reserved." Copyright 2013-present by Nancy Thornton. This file may be freely copied for non-profit purposes.
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Compiled by Nancy Thornton July 2013 from the Choteau Acantha. A.B. Guthrie Proprietor.

1/1/1913 Grading underway for Great Northern and Milwaukee railroads. Standard Oil drilling wells in Teton County. Julius Hirshberg to spend winter and early spring in south California. College boys home for the holidays host a dance at Hodgskiss Hall. Firm of (William) Frixel & (George W.) Reynolds dissolves partnership. Catholic services scheduled on fourth Sunday each month in Choteau, third Sunday in Collins, per Pastor J. Connolly. Acantha publisher A.B. Guthrie advocates the consolidation of the two telephone companies serving the area.
Hirshberg Bros, Bankers filed a plat of the Hirshberg Addition to Choteau and are prepared to sell building sites, southwest of the courthouse.
AD: Hirshberg Brothers, Bankers, “The Oldest Bank in Teton County.”
Ad: Choteau Drug Co. “2 gold fish and a globe for 35 cents”
AD: Choteau Mercantile Co. “The Busy Store” Corner Main and Hamilton Streets.
Railroad to Dupuyer. Great Falls-Teton County Railroad will tap Rich Farming Section.
--Another railroad will be built in this state from Power on the Great Northern, through Choteau and Bynum, to Dupuyer, according to an announcement to the articles of incorporation of the Great Falls and Teton County railroad, filed with the Secretary of State.
--The line will run from Power on the Montana Central branch of the Great Northern, westerly to the town of Choteau; from there it will go to Bynum and then across the Dry Fork of the Marias river to Dupuyer.
--This branch will open and aid in the development of one of the most fertile regions in the state. Teton County has long been noted for its productiveness, its cattle output and its favorable climatic conditions.
--This amendment does not state when the work will be started but with the Great Northern trying to colonize the west the time should not be far off when the Teton County products should be hauled by steam instead of “hosses.” [Chester Signal Jan. 2, 1913]

1/8/1913 The election to determine whether or not Choteau is to be incorporated will be held on Feb. 24. So far as appears, there will be positively no opposition to incorporation. The friends of the movement should not become indifference, however. Now is the time to consider the whole matter in all its aspects. There is not a single valid objection to incorporation, as the Acantha sees the matter, and many reasons why the step is imperative.
Real winter struck Thursday eve and temperatures dipped to 25 below.
AD: Bakery & Lunch Counter, Soo Son Prop. “Best Meals in Town for the Money.”

1/15/1913 Methodist Sabbath School elected officers and teachers. Masonic installation and Eastern Star installation. Family theatre has new moving picture show. Hirshberg Bros. Bankers have filed their plat of the Hirshberg Addition to the townsite of Choteau and are now prepared to sell homesites. Choteau Drug Co. has two goldfish and a globe for 35 cents.

1/22/1913 Choteau has three doctors, H.W. Bateman, M.D., H.J. McGregor, M.D., Harmon T. Rhoads, M.D. Citizens Bank reelect officers G.M. Coffey, president; P.H. Crossen, VP; James Eckford, cashier. Legal notice of special election on Feb. 24.
Collins-Choteau Stage was unable to make the trip either way Saturday on account of the weather.

1/29/1913 The recently organized real estate and loan firm of A.A. Burrell & Co. opened offices in the Jackson block Monday, Alex A. Burrell, J.M. Weaver, A.L. Powers, partners.
Again, lest you forget, the election for the incorporation of Choteau will be held on Feb. 24. Think about incorporation and talk about it. If you are against it for good reasons, say so; if you are for it, speak up. Indifference is the worst foe Choteau could have now, either on the point of incorporation or any other matter. It is worse than outright opposition. It will sound well and it will be well, if the vote on incorporation is close up to the registration.
“Shall it be C-h-o-u-t-e-a-u or just C-h-o-t-e-a-u? It should be one or the other absolutely, and not an indiscriminate choice between the two.”

2/5/1913 Bachelors' Ball Feb. 14 at the Woodmen Hall, tickets $2. Jackson block, one of the most desirable locations in Choteau, sold by John Jackson Sr., the well-known pioneer resident, to S.O. Huseth of Great Falls. The new owner may erect a brick building on Hamilton in the rear of the old building on the corner of Hamilton and Main.

2/12/1913 Early settlers hold second annual meeting in Woodmen Hall. President Mrs. Truchot.

2/19/1913 A.J. Cowell and Dr. Bateman have let contracts for the construction of their reinforced-concrete, fire proof, 75-100 foot garage and sales room which is to be located just off the southwest corner of the courthouse square.
Editorial by A.B. Guthrie. It's now or never on the incorporation question, so far as the ability of the Acantha to help or hinder is concerned. …

2/26/13 “All for Incorporation.” Unanimous vote of 94 of 111 registered to vote. Town Election soon.
Editorial by A.B. Guthrie, Proprietor. Choteau is to be congratulated. The result of the incorporation election of Monday justifies a celebration. Perhaps never before in history were there 94 voters who all felt the same ay about the proposition. The sentiment was universal that the time was ripe for incorporation. The vote, also, was sufficiently large to satisfy the most exacting. Ninety-four out of a possible one hundred eleven was above the usual proportion.
--The era of good feeling exists in Choteau. Fortunately, there is no division, no wrangling, to interfere at the start. The prospect is fin for smooth sailing. It indicates a fine start, and one that indicates unmistakably the serious purpose of the citizens. A finer instance of civic pride and efficiency is rarely seen. The Acantha congratulates the good old town. She is only getting into her stride. [Choteau Acantha Feb. 26, 1913]

3/5/13 Some townfolk order “independent” phones, an action hoped to get the two Bell telephone exchanges to consolidate. John Hannon, salesman for the Choteau Mercantile Co., returned Friday from a trip to Chicago and St. Louis. Choteau Town election set for April 15, some confusion about the state's registration law, delaying it. Herbert Strain, of the firm Strain Brothers of Great Falls, owners of the Choteau Mercantile here, is reported in critical condition.
AD: Hobson's Addition to the town of Choteau, Choice lots for business and residences. 36 lots adjoining the Great Falls & Teton County Ry Co., directly opposite the depot. Addition joins the townsite one block east, for particulars, see the Choteau Land & Loan Co. Terms, one fourth cash, balance in monthly payments.
Choteau Town Election April 15
--It appears now, from the best possible interpretation of the much confused registration law by Assistant County Attorney Pridham, that the first town election in Choteau will take place April 15. Notice of 30 days is required and the registration books must remain closed an additional t10 days. This will make it impossible to hold the election on the first Monday in April, the date of the regular municipal elections throughout the state. [Choteau Acantha March 5, 1913]

3/12/13 The erection of the Bateman & Cowell cement garage (For selling autos) will be commenced the coming week. Sever O. Huseth buys the Jackson Block on the corner of Main and Hamilton streets, rumored at $9,000. Acantha editor A.B. Guthrie's daughter Nina Bess is stricken with spinal meningitis. Work on the two new railroad beds to resume. Choteau Rod and Gun Club elects J.M. Chapman president. Petition filed to form Pondera County.
AD: Teton County Abstract Co. Henry D. Robison president, Jas. T. Robison, Secretary.

3/19/13 Teton County Fair grosses $2,449.50. Joseph Hirshberg & Co. reported to plan a two-story business block on Main street, extending from their present store building to the Jackson block. The first floor would be used to enlarge the Hirshberg store and the second story to be fitted up with office rooms. A new plate glass front will be put in their present building. Commissioners set the first officer election in Choteau for April 15. Nina Bess Guthrie dies. Farmers Cooperative Canal Co. finishes Harvey Lake Reservoir.
The Coming Election. Nominations to be taken for town election in two wards. Mass meeting set for March 21 to decide the best method of nominating officers. C.H. Hickman, chief engineer for the Great Falls and Teton County Railway will set up an office in Choteau. Julius Hirshberg telegrammed that he is willing to have his name present as a candidate for mayor. Postmaster Wm. Cowgill resigned to the Wilson administration on March 9. Choteau Drug has installed a gasoline engine and power freezer. C.O. Eidsmoe opened a barber shop in the J.E. Webb building. Elmer Carrow, [Carow] jeweler and engraver will open a shop in the front part of the building occupied by J.M. Williamson on Main.
Messrs. Cowgill, Miller, McLean and Weaver, file the plat of a new 80-acre addition. John Jackson is adding two additions to his steam laundry. Foresters hold annual meeting. Chas. McDonald and family attend Wilson's inauguration in Washington D.C.

3/20/13 Harmonious Mass Meeting Nominates Candidates. Nominations unanimous , election will probably be only a matter of form. Hirshberg for Mayor. Hodgskiss, Upman, Burbank and Gorham for Aldermen on Citizens ticket. Choteau Light and Power Co. now furnishes two lights per capita to the population. Great Northern Railway officers pick site for depot at the entrance to the former county fair grounds at the foot of Conrad Street.
Editorial. Choteau has again demonstrated her ability to avoid profitless dissention and to proceed in an orderly way toward the goad of her highest welfare. … Guthrie thanks J.E. Malmin for substituting as Acantha editor for two issues. Acantha praises the choice of Hirshberg for mayor.
Joyce M. Williams, the tailor who located in Choteau some six months ago, has sold his business to E.G. Carron of Butte. Choteau Commercial Club to hold annual meeting on April 1.

4/2/13 C.S. McDonald and John Jackson Jr. have leased offices in the Bair building on Main and will open a general real estate business. The April issue of Field and Stream contains an article dealing with a hunting trip on the headwaters of the Sun and Teton rivers. Notes the “Eyre” Mountains Ranger Station. A.J. Cowgill, J.M. Weaver and Chas. Cowell have entered into a partnership to conduct a first class meat market. August Peterson has purchased the tailoring shop of A. Fischer, first door south of post office. Choteau Fire Co. holds annual meeting on April 4. Cream and milk delivered by wagon every morning, Teton Dairy.

4/9/13 Alex Truchot elected president of Eldorado Cooperative Canal Co. Construction has resumed on the Great Northern Railway E.N. Haugen and Clarence Looney elected school trustees. Choteau Rod and Gun Club members release three pairs of Hungarian pheasants at the former F.E. Moore ranch on Spring Creek. The club is also receiving 170,000 trout fry for planting in neighboring streams.
Hupmobile Touring cars for sale at Bowers Choteau Garage and Machine Co.

4/16/13 Citizens Ticket Elected Without Opposition
Light Vote Polled. Election a matter of Form
--Geo. F. Miller, Wm. Krofft, Dr. Meyrick, John Hannon and J.E. Malmin, sitting as the first election board for the incorporated town of Choteau yesterday at the county court house, had a light task in conduction the election at which the recently nominated Citizens' ticket was elected without opposition. The absence if any sort of contest caused a light vote to be polled.
--The results were as follows:
First Ward
Hirshberg 19
Upman 18
Hodgskiss 18
Second Ward
Hirshberg 31
Burbank 28
Gorham 31
--Julius Hirshberg has thus the honor of being Choteau's first mayor, and Messrs. Hodgskiss, Upman, Burbank and Gorham constitute the first board of aldermen. Carelessness and oversight in marking ballots account for the slight variations in the number of votes received by the different candidates, for the most part. [Choteau Acantha April 16, 1913]
Herbert Strain of the firm of Strain Brothers, the largest individual merchants in Montana died Thursday. His firm has owned the Choteau Mercantile Co. (corner of Main and Hamilton) since about 1900. The St. Anthony and Dakota Elevator Co. are nearly finished with their two story building on South Main together with a large building in the rear for extensive stock of lumber.
John Hannon is preparing to open a store in the near future in the old Mint building on the corner of Main and Conrad.

4/23/13 (Photo) Teton County High School Basketball Team season 1912-13, Champions of North Montana, Defeated But once.
William Krofft to succeed Wm. Cowgill as Choteau Postmaster. Choteau Commercial Club elects Dr. C.J.B. Stephens president. High hopes expressed for economic develop with the coming of the Great Northern and Milwaukee railways.
Jos. Hirshberg & Co. are planning to put a new front in their store building in the near future. The front will be pressed brick with windows extending well down to the floor level, and will be of the latest pattern. Also to be built next door is their buggy department.

4/30/13 Mayor Hirshberg calls for clean up of the town, to coincide with a new ordinance on the subject. Choteau Creamery to resume operation under Chris T. Veien, a native of Denmark and an experienced buttermaker.
Acantha changes ownership from retiring A.B. Guthrie Sr. to Max B. and C.G. Bishop, brothers. C.E. Trescott of the Boulder Monitor may start a competing newspaper in Choteau.

5/7/13 Thos. C. Spaulding succeeds Scott Leavitt as forest supervisor of the Lewis and Clark National Forest as of April 1. A play, “The Heiress of Hoetown” to be presented in the high school auditorium May 9 for the benefit of the Ladies' Guild.
The Doings of Our City Dads. Council organizes, passes first ordinance.
Choteau Creamery renamed Golden Rod Creamery Co. J.J. Hannon is receiving stock for the store he is opening. Work is started to improve the baseball park, including building a grandstand. Trescott begins installing a printing plant. J.E. McCullough operates a show house with films. A. Peterson is moving his tailor shop across the street into the Connor Block. Gibson and Sulgrove are contemplating building a two story concrete building on their lot across from the Beaupre.
Beaupre Café changed owners from Weaver to A.I. Pond and wife, to serve hot meals and lunches from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

5/14/13 Five seniors will graduate from the high school, Samuel Crawford, Hester Jameson, Ursula Hodgskiss, Lila Armstrong and Roger Burrell. J.M. Weaver and Fred Crawson are tearing down the old blacksmith shop located just south of Olson's jewelry store and will put up a concrete building. AD: The Electric City Land Co. of Choteau is selling lots in the Cowgill's Addition, on the upper side of town and just at the head of Main street. AD: St. Anthony and Dakota Lumber yard, opens a lumber yard in Choteau south of the Beaupre hotel.

5//21/13 Council Doings, more ordinances approved. Frank Moore hired as police magistrate. On Tuesday, Dr. E.J. Crary of Great Falls purchased the moving picture business of J.E. McCullough and will take possession on Sunday. Plan to offer two shows each evening. Teton County Medical Society formed. (Photo) Coffee and Wellenstein Ranch. Jas. Eckford is planting 60 trees in his lots in the Cowgill Addition. Dr. H.J. McGregor sometime between now and June 1, will change his office location to the Huseth Block, above Frost's store. E.J. Crary who is now with Dr. Barth in Great Falls will locate dental parlors in the Huseth Block, next to McGregor's new location.

5/28/13 Editorial by C.G. Bishop, Proprietor. Choteau should again celebrate July 4th in good, old-fashioned style. It is time to start the ball rolling and get up a program, etc. A couple of good ball game could be scheduled, a band hired, and many other things for the enjoyment of the people put on. Other towns have already announced their plans. So, let's get busy. Somebody push it.
The Council Doings. Meeting of May 26, present Mayor, Alderman, Upman, Gorham, Burbank and Hodgskiss. Mr. Leinginger, local manager for Gerharz-Jacqueth Eng. Co. appeared before the council and submitted a proposition for the municipal work. A letter form Swearengar & McCullough for municipal work was read. Moved by Hodgskiss and seconded by Upman that the town employ Swearingen & McColleugh as municipal engineers at $15 per day and expenses as per letter of May 24, 1913, to establish grades and make profiles, carried. Mr. McCullough was requested to submit a proposition for lighting streets.
Notice. Notice is hereby given that all claims against the Town of Choteau should be filed with the town clerk on or before 4 p.m. June 2, 1913. by order of the Council, A.C. Burbank, Town Clerk.
Large corner two-story building, 75x131, to be erected, by Charles McDonald, on corner now occupied by the Choteau Mercantile Co.
Dr. McGregor's office will be located over Frost's store on and after June 1.
Halvor Daley has purchased Elmer Caron's dry cleaning, pressing and repair shop.

6/4/13 Park to Park Road though Choteau to be completed by 1915.
Choteau businessmen's meeting results in a vote to show their disapproval of the formation of any trade unions in Choteau. Meistersingers Male Quartette to appear at the high school auditorium on June 12. City council approves contract at $1.50 per 60-kilowatt lamp of 30 lamps and others in addition as the council may require.

6/18/13 Dr. McGregor's home catches fire, started in the kitchen. The fire department arrived in good time and further damage by fire was prevented. Acantha installs linotype and has it in operation. Choteau band organized with 10 male members under John Holland. Choteau will organize a July 4 event, parade horse races, ball game and grand ball. O. Hansen states that he is building a café that will be known as the Peerless Café and that he expects to have it ready to run by July 4.

6/25/13 Choteau plans a grand July 4 celebration. big parade, shoot, baseball game, pony races, tug o war, dashes, grand ball, music day and night. Council meets and votes to notify owners of abutting sidewalks that were out of repairs to repair same or the marshal will do it and bill the owners. Ordinance No. 8 calls for the collection of occupation licenses. The council voted to have the public pond located in the northwest corner of Jackson's Addition and to procure a gun, twisters and billy for marshal. Choteau Garage (also auto stage and selling ford and Buicks) to open in one week with Cowell & Bateman, proprietors. Daley's tailor shop to relocate and a ice cream, confectionery, and lunch room rented in the space.
In north town a fine rooming house is being built. It will contain 40 rooms and each room will be well fitted.
AD: Bower's Choteau Garage notes the confusion over the new business named Choteau garage. Rev. F. Haley to take charge of the Episcopal Church in Choteau.

July 2, 1913. Rev. Connolly to move to Choteau in a few months to take charge of the Catholic church. AD: E.J. Roberson & Company holds “Great Big Cash Sale.”
Daley's tailor shop will soon be located in the back of the Electric City Land Co. Litke and Jackson are building a rooming house and café in north town. AD: The Beaupre Hotel, the house that always pleases.

7/9/13 Council to advertise for bids for a single man to at as night watchman and engineer in fire department. Committee appointed to select a dump ground for town. Celebration a success. On Monday one of Hodgskiss' teams ran away from in front of the Choteau House and scattered a case of eggs around the corner near the Choteau Mercantile Co. City Attorney is T.H. Pridham.

7/16/13 Mayor Hirshberg published a notice reminding citizens that running at large of horses, cows, and chickens is prohibited. We must clean up, he said. Choteau Club carries away tournament honors. GN work going forward rapidly. J.G. Jackson of the Teton Steam Laundry has install three new modern machines. L.A. and S.R. Foot to open a law office in with the A.A. Burrell & Co. real estate firm just above Judge DeHaas' harness shop.

7/23/13 Council reports that Mr. Hodgskiss arranged with the city for a new city dump to be located on his school section, near the Teton bridge, southwest of town. The old dump will be closed. City attorney will take steps to protect the city's rights in the old ditch and water right out of Spring Creek. Town marshal was instructed to notify all saloons and tobacco stores not to sell or dispense liquor or tobacco to minors and to require pool halls and saloons to close at 1 a.m. Licenses granted: A.F. Rietsch, liquor; J.M. Graves, liquor; T.H. Thompson, liquor; J.M. Weaver, liquor and billiards; W.M. Hodgskiss, liquor; Chas. Metz, pool and billiards. Choteau post office changed hands from Wm. Cowgill to Wm. Croft.

7/30/13 Chas. McDonald to start on his new building next week. Then a new building will be constructed between the Bair building and Choteau Mercantile Co. and one more story of offices and room swill be placed over the large portion of this quarter block. Lots in the Sherburne Addition to go on sale Aug. 4, per J.E. Webb, Agent.

8/6/13 Choteau Rod and Gun Club hosts first annual shoot. A.O. Pond opens the Little Gem Restaurant, first door north of butcher shop. Town lots available in Limington, Choteau, Paris and Bynum, along the line of the Great Northern Railway. Peerless Café to open Aug. 12. Council sets levy at 10 mills per $1 of assessed valuation. Chas. Connor is putting a new front in his building. W.H. Hewson will rent the new building next to the Bair building to open a drug business. AD: The Choteau Feed Store, E.J. Roberson & Co.

8/20/13 Construction of new theater under way at the lot formerly occupied by the old courthouse, and now owned by C. McDonald. Home talent play to be presented for the benefit of the Ladies Industrial of the Methodist Church. Council discussed the matter of dirt from the excavation of the Chas. McDonald building in block 13 being deposited in Hamilton street. Council agrees to have Mr. Swearington prepare an amended plat of the Town of Choteau. W. Webb made application for a building permit for three buildings to be erected by Charles McDonald in block 13, Original townsite and submitted partial plans. AD: Full page, Great Building Sale, Choteau Mercantile Co.

8/27/13 Excavation of McDonald's building commenced. Commercial Club President Stephens calls a public meeting to take of the matter of hold a railroad celebration.

9/3/13 Glenloyd hotel and café is about completed. Railroad construction and celebration meeting, says track to reach Choteau between the 15th and 18th and a big celebration will be held when first trail run. Public school to start next Monday with W.L. Stuckey, principal, Mrs. Jennie Cain, 5th and 6th grades, Inez McLean, 3rd and 4th grades, Ella Goff, primary. Teton County High School opened Tuesday with 24 freshmen, and a total enrollment of over 40. Faculty is Mr. Dietrich, principal, Miss Shannon, assistant principal; Miss Gilman, and Miss Brenneman. Choteau victorious 12 inning contest.

9/10/13 Council meets and says Street Committee reported on dirt deposited in Hamilton street by Chas. McDonald, that permission has been give so to do, and that the street was in better condition by reason thereof. It instructed the clerk to buy a safe for $75.

9/17/13 Crescent Milling Co. leases the Choteau flour mill. J.M. Weaver and P.H. Crossen have started the construction of an up-to-date two-story concrete building just north of the Connor blacksmith shop. The first floor will open a first class saloon about Nov. 1.
Meeting held at high school auditorium for the purpose of considering the advisability of organizing a social and athletic club. Great Northern Track in Choteau, rails are laid through Choteau at 4 p.m. Tuesday when two miles of track are put in. Side track laid Sept. 17. Event wanted for 30 years, editor says. Glenloyd Café opens, hotel to follow when furnishings arrive. Acantha Editor C.G. Bishop praises community band for playing at various events the past week. Council amends law on vagrancy to increase penalty and jail time. Municipal Engineer C.W. Swearingen submits comprehensive report on Choteau, its streets, houses, groundwater, basement, records, electricity. Recommends adopting street naming system used in Great Falls, and building a sewer main.

10/1/13 City engineer given authority to survey town for a sewer and water works system. Crescent Milling Co. about ready to begin operations. By end of week, the Choteau electric light plant will be connected.
Young Construction Co. opens shop in Choteau to be general contractors and builders. Hirshberg's store to be closed on Oct. 11 on account of Jewish holiday.

10/8/13 Great Northern wins after appealing to the Montana Supreme Court and it gets a 100 foot strip on the west side of the tracks, allowing it to have a depot on the west side and north of Hamilton street. In the former they would have had to place the depot between the tracks and Spring Creek. Unknown man killed near Priest Butte Lake, couple walking along the railroad tracks discovers body. Jay Cowell sold his interest in the Choteau Garage last week to Dr. and Mrs. Howard Bateman, who are the sold owners now.

10/15/13 GN to build a 30x96 foot depot. Ranchers disappointed, GN cannot accept livestock for shipment yet because of track conditions. Forest Service reports heaviest snow in mountains since the big October storm some 12 years ago. Choteau has a measles epidemic, city board of health set up rules for quarantine. Crescent Million Co. offers “Star of Teton” flour.

10/22/13 Farmers Elevator in Choteau nearly completed, will be 75 feet tall. On Sunday the post office was moved from the Choteau Drug Store and is not located in the Byron Corson building, one half block west of the Choteau Mercantile store.
Post office at the request of Mayor Hirshberg has ordered the change of our office from Chouteau to Choteau. A Mrs. Howie, state historical librarian had petitioned the post office to change it after the state had added the “u” of Chouteau County to honor that Fort Benton fur trade era family, and the post office agreed. Although the post office used the first “u” all of our citizens did not use it. Now all the records are clear in the matter and our town name is Choteau. Council considers renaming streets to conform to numbers with the courthouse being the center where the division east-west streets, north-south avenues happens. Hirshberg granted permit for gasoline station. First carload of beer come in on the railroad, including Schlitz beer from the American brewing co.

11/5/13 Second drug store for Choteau being completed next to McDonald's building. Bad condition of the railroad bed leaves Choteau in need of coal and other freight shipments that are not getting through. Council adopts ordinances to license dray lines, and transfers liquor license from Beaupre House to Lot 8 block 4, now saloon. Jesse Gleason has a large painting on display at the Choteau Drug store. A petition was filed asking the Adjutant General Greenan of the state to have a state militia for Choteau. J.M Weaver moved his saloon on last Friday night to the building being built by Mr. Weaver and Pat Crossen just north of the Connor building. Dr. and Mrs Beaupre and daughter Edna arrived Thursday and on Friday took possession of the Beaupre hotel. The Dr. has run the hotel before and is giving good service.

10/1/13 (Photo) First Train in Choteau, Arrival of Track Laying machine in Choteau. GN Railway president Louis W. Hill spent a half hour in Choteau on his way to Glacier Park.

11/12/13 State authorizes Choteau to have a company of militia of not less than 63 men. GN tracks reach terminal at Bynum. More than 46 railroad cars held up because weather weakened the tracks arrived in Choteau.

11/19/13 Honored citizen John E. Webb dies Nov. 13.

11/26/13 AD: The Cash Store, E.J. Roberson & Co., Props., has full page ad, with everything on sale. J.I. Cain to purchase the J.E. Webb real estate and insurance firm. H.E. Jones has opened his bakery, his goods to be handled by Hirshberg's store and A.O. Pond. Glenloyd Hotel and Café put under one management and will offer a full Thanksgiving menu.

12/3/13 High class vaudeville show by local talent to be sponsored by the Episcopal Church. Council to see better lighting service. C.M. Varnholt to be the new druggist at Hewson's new drug store. Officers of Company M, National Guard hold meeting so as to get work in shape for the company. Construction of the Choteau GN depot has started. Hirshberg store receives carload of apples.

12/10/13 Ad: Special Feature Picture of the World Baseball Series will be given at the Picture Show on Dec.12.

12/17/13 About 35 attended an informal meeting on the formation of a social club.
James McDonough stopped from breaking out of jail after someone gave him a saw. He spent the balance of the evening in ball and chain and was then taken to the state penitentiary to serve 15 years for robbing an old prospector in Choteau a few months ago. O. Hanson to open a new rooming house soon, to be named Peerless Rooming House, rooms by the week or month will be let. Young people without children preferred. “New City Drug Store” to open Dec. 22, with W.H. Hewson, prescription druggist, located just south of Choteau Mercantile Store. Mayor Julius Hirshberg left for Los Angeles, Calif., to spend the winter. New Weaver and Crossen building holds grand opening, with Weaver opening a saloon on the first floor.

12/24/13 Choteau Armory Association to be formed and members looking for site to build an armory drill hall, and opera house and dance hall that could accommodate 400 to 500 people. Regular passenger train service began Monday. AD: Hirshberg's offers sales on ladies coats and men's clothing for the “The Christmas Spirit.” On Jan. 14, 1914, Co. M National Guard, will hold a grand ball, the proceeds to go to the building fund for an armory.

12/31/13 The Club Saloon property and licenses were sold to J.H. Peters of Great Falls for $5,800 last Saturday. Attorney Walter Verge has moved his law office into the Electric City Land Co.'s office and will locate in the McDonald building when ready. Part Two edition of Acantha, (nothing local.)

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