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Compiled from the Choteau Montanan by Nancy Thornton July 22, 2013.
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1/2/1914 AD: Choteau Meat Co. Fresh oysters and fish all the time. AD: The Old Reliable Bar, John M. Graves, Proprietor, Schlitz, the beer that made Milwaukee famous, always on sale. AD: Livery, Feed and Sale Stables, C.D. Yeager, Prop. AD: Choteau-Great Falls Auto Stage, Auto leaves Choteau House and Great Falls Hotel daily; $9 round trip; J.A. Baart. AD: H.D. Upman, general Blacksmithing and horsehoeing. AD: R.C. Johnson, painter and decorator. AD: (Photo) J.H. Meyer, Office at residence one block east of depot, Chiropractor and Machano-Therapist.
The first annual meeting of the Choteau Social Club will be held in the club room on Jan. 3. Walter Verge and J.G. Bair dissolved law firm partnership. Montanan promotes having a hospital in Choteau. AD: Dr. E.J. Crary, Dentist, Office over Front's clothing store.

1/9/1914 Female Wood Orchestral Trio at the high school auditorium on Jan. 10. Commercial Club to hold meeting regarding getting a hospital. Hearing on the formation of Toole County. The high school is now equipped with a fire alarm. Council meets and instructed fire commissioner to furnish room and install telephone at hose house so watchman can sleep there and be available to night calls, complete with stove. Dr. Beaupre granted liquor license for the lower, south front room of hotel. Council getting ready to receive plans for sewer and waterworks system that would be put to vote in spring. Council to consider cement sidewalks. Dr. Beaupre opened his dental parlor in his hotel. AD: Jos. Hirshberg & CO. Parisiana Corsets, 20 percent discount.

1/16/1914 Toole County Petition is declared sufficient. AD: Picture theatre tonight, The thrilling white slave feature, Wanted by the Police. Admission 15 cents and 25 cents. Lecture series to be given by Rev. Leon F. Haley at Hodgskiss Hall Jan. 18, 25 cents adults, 15 cents children.

1/30/1914 Dr. J.W. Williamson is now located in the rooms in the Connor building. AD: The Pioneer Bar, John M. Graves, Proprietor.

2/6/1914 W.J. Strain leased the first story of the McDonald building which will be used by him in connection with the present quarters of the Choteau Mercantile co. This will give the Mercantile company commodious as well as pleasant and a very convenient place in which to transact their ever increasing business. It is expected that the new moving picture show in the McDonald building on Hamilton street will be opened during the coming week with a splendid program.

2/13/1914 Montanan starts subscription contest. First Grand Prize is a high grade Wener Piano, valued at $350.With the production of “The Vampire,” a three reel feature of considerable merit, the Royal theatre in the new MCDonald block, under the management of Dr. E.J. Crary, was opened to the public last (Thursday) evening. Theatre seats 250 persons in opera chairs.
Choteau Drug Co. will get new fixtures including a soda fountain.

2/20/14 The lower floor of the Hanson building (the Peerless) was leased this week to L.H. Zeigler, of Great Falls who expects to open a hardware store about March 1.

2/27/14 Jas. Tiegen, A druggist in the employ of the W.H. Hewson drug store was found dead behind the prescription counter by Dr.H.J. McGregor. He was 24 and had reported not feeling well for the past few weeks. The Pioneer Bar has been thoroughly renovated and the interior papered and painted. It is reported that Weaver and Crossen are having plans prepared for a new concrete building to be erected on their lot north of the Gold Leaf bar, 25x90, one store, with brick front.

3/6/14 Passion Play to be shown at the Moving Picture theatre. The old Jackson business property on the corner of Main and Hamilton streets, owned in recent years by S.O. Huseth, the Great Falls jeweler, was sold the first of the week to Sen. Thos. O. Larson, of this city, the consideration being, we understand, in the neighborhood of $12,000. This property was originally the old Valley hotel formerly conducted by John Jackson and wife and was owned by them until a few years ago when he sold it to Mr. Huseth. Mr. Jackson afterwards bought it back again, paying a higher price for it the second time, and he again re-purchased it at still a higher price a short time later. Mr. Huseth has now sold it to Larson, who will probably move the old buildings, the Frost store building and the Family Liquor store adjoining, to new locations, outside of the fire limits and erect a handsome new concrete or brick building on the property. This corner is one of the most valuable in town and owned by a live, progressive man of Mr. Larson's caliber, will probably be made one of the “show places” of the locality.
AD: Choteau Drug Co. Selling Gopher poison, Now is the time to get after your gophers. We have a full stock of the poisons. Wood Lark Squirrel Poison, Strychinine Sulphate, Killem Quick, Carbon Dissilphide.
AD: Hirshberg Brothers, Bankers, selling American Bankers Assn. Cheques. Safest kind of Travel Money.

3/13/14 AD: Jos. Hirshberg & CO. to give away two lots in its platted, Hirshberg's Addition to Choteau, worth $500. Sen. Larson sold the lot next to the Weaver and Crossen building to E.J. Roberson of the Cash Store. A company is building a cold storage building for the American Brewing Co. next to the GN tracks that will store 200 half barrels and 150 cases of beer.

3/20/14 Choteau Rod and Gun Club buys Chinese pheasants and Hungarian partridges and plans to liberate them in the vicinity and asks the public to protect them so they can multiply. Sen. Larson takes first step to build on the corner of Hamilton and Main, by moving the Dr. Rhoads office building on Hamilton next to the Jackson building. Larson plans a two story concrete building with brick front 50 x 58 on the old site.

3/27/14 Montanan editor advocates for G.M. Coffey to be the next Choteau mayor, largely because Hirshberg wants to travel abroad. Public meeting to offer candidates on March 30 at the courthouse. Roberson's feed store south of the courthouse is sold to C.C. Irons.

4/3/14 Geo. M. Coffey nominated for mayor. He is president of Citizens State Bank. E.N. Haugen also seeks the office, advocating for a chance in the fire limit ordinance permitting the erection of brick venered buildings instead of solid concrete, brick or stone. The front of the McDonald building on Main street, recently vacated by forestry officials is being remodeled this week. It will be occupied by Ross Houck into a hardware store. Teton laundry to get new washer, ironer and boiler, according to owner John G. Jackson. Dr. C.J.B. Stephens will have an office in the new Larson building on Hamilton street during the next summer. Larson and his partners purchased the old Yeager livery stable and plan to sell the building at auction to make room for his new modern building.

4/10/14 Town election quiet, Geo. M. Coffey elected mayor. Wm. Hodgskiss and J.E. Malmin elected aldermen Ward 1, A.C. Burbank, C. Looney in Ward 2.
Choteau is to have a new billiard parlor and barber shop as soon as the new building to be erected on the site of the old Yeager barn is completed. The place has been leased by A.L. Halladay, who will have charge of the new business. Hirshberg company has sold its farm implement and machinery business to Power-Morgan company, with Harry Watson manager. Royal theatre operator Russell Hoyle announced a fine new motion picture camera will be installed.

4/17/14 Rangers and guards of the Lewis and Clark national forest meet in the local offices in the McDonald block. Mayor Hirshberg urges citizens to clean up the town now that the storms of winter have passed. The work of excavating the basement for the Larson building on Hamilton street is practically finished and the work of laying the cement foundation will probably be commenced immediately. F.S. Doege, who recently moved here from Oregon, has been awarded the contract for all labor to be performed on the building to be erected on these premises by Mr. Larson.
AD: Chas H. Connor & Son, Farm machinery. AD: A.J. Flynn, Lumber. Flynn's lumber year was constructed across Spring Creek about a block north of Hamilton street.
A.A. Burrell & Co. moved into the McDonald building on Hamilton street.

4/24/14 Richard Howard sells the Pioneer restaurant to Gus Lawson. Smythe and Tevis have sold their interest in the Crescent Milling Co. to Harry McCullough. The old log stable on the corner on Main street north of the harness shop, is being torn down this week. Work has commenced on a little over a mile of cement walks in the Hobson addition. Two will lead to Main street, one on Hamilton, the other on Burd street, all five feet in width. Montanan editor urges town to prepare a July 4 celebration, in light that the Milwaukee RR line should be completed about that time.

5/1/14 Petition for formation of Pondera County filed. Choteau Commercial Club elects R.M. Farrington as president. Curtis and Creel purchased the Pioneer restaurant in the Graves building.

5/8/14 Geo. H. Shanley, the Great Falls architect, accompanied by his wife and children, was here the first of the week to look after the construction on the Larson building. New council meets, draws lots for long and short terms. Hodgskiss and Burbank getting the long ones. Appointments made: Clerk Al Powers, Marshal Walter Gorham, Treasurer Jas. Eckford, Health officer Dr. H.W. Bateman, Fire chief J.E. DeHaas, Police magistrate J.E. DeHaas. Commercial Club forms committee of five to organize a July 4 event. The Lange Construction Co. of Great Falls have been awarded the $15,000 contract for the erection of the Cowell-Larson-Gorham-Cain business block on Hamilton street. The WCTU will meet in at the home of Mrs. C.F. Green on May 14. The Weaver-Crossen block on Main is practically completed and the Choteau Hardware Co. is to occupy the ground floor. Commercial Club members J.I. Cain, LA. Foot and Phil I. Cole are circulating a petition to the town council asking for a special improvement district be created for the construction of a cement sidewalk on Main street, north of the courthouse. It is the intention to lay a 12-foot walk on both sides up to the Hodgskiss livery stable, but from there the walk is to be narrowed to six feet.

5/15/14 High school graduates seven. War with Mexico is front page news. Town officials adopt resolution to form a special improvement district for sanitary sewer, 2860 feet and 15 inches in diameter at a cost of $7,642, hearing to be June 1 in the council chambers in the courthouse in Choteau. Also resolution for a district to construct lateral sanitary sewer nine inches in diameter and 3,653 feet long, at $10,077. Choteau Rod and Gun Club to purchase brook trout fry from the state hatchery in Kalispell and will place them in Teton, Spring and Deep creeks. AD: A Peterson, The tailor. Hand Tailored suites $20 and up. Legal Notice, Proposals being accepted for construction of concrete sidewalks, curbs and crossings according to plans filed in the town office.

5/22/14 Dr. Stephens to move to Larson building on July 1. Choteau Wall paper and art store to then fill the space. W.D. Jones appointed commissioner, L.C. Marsh having resigned because of the creation of Toole Co.

5/29/14 Contract for building cement sidewalks on Main, Hamilton and other places awarded to 2-Miracle Concrete Co. for $27,857. Building on Main now occupied by Choteau Drug was sold by C.H. Drake to Williamson and Norman who intend to open a moving picture show. The drugstore to be moved to the Larson building on Hamilton street. Work started on foundation for the business block to be erected on Hamilton street on the site of the old livery stable. A dance hall has been completed over the hardware store in the Weaver Crossen building on Main.
A deal was completed this week whereby P.H. Crossen traded his four lots south of the Sulgrove home (the old I.N. Hazlett property) to Mr. Sulgrove for the two lots on Hamilton street, now occupied by the old Hirshberg warehouse. This trade gives Mr. Sulgrove a full half block, just west of Main street, and Mr. Crossen acquires two of the most valuable lots on Hamilton street for business purposes. We understand he is already figuring on erecting a two-story brick building on these premises.

6/5/14 New fixtures at Choteau Drug being installed this week, soda fountain, prescription case, counters, etc. July 4 committee seeking several hundred dollars. Complaints heard about new GN Ry train schedule. First sidewalks installed at Hirshberg's, 15 feet in width. Emerick photo gallery has new location at Third Street and 2nd Ave. NW. Bids advertised for sewer construction and disposal plant, 3.2 miles of pipes. Deadline July 6.

6/12/14 Room on Main adjoining Hannon's store will become a barber shop by Art Bovee. Choteau School District No. 1 expects to build at least five school hours in the next few months, Limington, Priest Butte, Fairfield, TL Gap, Corson's.

6/19/14 Methodist parsonage sold last week to Chas. F. Green who intends to move it to another location. Methodists plan to build a new, modern one to cost $3,000. Gem Restaurant sold to J.W. Johnson, former owner A.O. Pond to devote attention to the pool and billiard parlor. Track laying upon the Choteau line of the Chicago Milwaukee and St. Paul RR commenced out of Great Falls yesterday. William Krofft is postmaster. Work of pouring cement on the T.A. Smith building started this morning. Commercial Club plants to clean up brush and bushes in the grove along Spring Creek in the Hobson Addition for the July 4th celebration. “We understand this grove is shortly to be given to the town for park purposes. O. Hansen proprietor of the Peerless Hotel has opened a grocery store in the building. Yankee Robinson three ring circus to come to Choteau July 11.

7/3/14 A dancing pavilion 50 x 80 has been built just south of the Glenloyd hotel by the management, will be used for roller skating on summer evenings. Fourth of July on July 3, 4 Street parade, baseball, horse racing, street sports, free dance at night, music all day by Choteau Band.

7/10/14 Town council let sewer contract to F.E. Evans Construction Co. of Great Falls, $44,184.88. Fred Curtis slipped out of town leaving numerous creditors. He was conducting the restaurant in the rear of the Pioneer Bar. The T.O. Larson building ---

7/17/14 Choteau Drug Co. now in Larson building on 1st Street NW. Three businessmen to open a pool and billiard hall in room recently vacated by Choteau Drug.

7/24/14 Commercial Club members form two committees, one to interview the commissioners regarding the opening of the road west of here to the mountains and the town park committee was authorized to provide hitching racks at the Spring creek grove, so the farmers and others could hitch their teams at that place when coming to town. A. D. Young is remodeling the old drug store building north of the Montanan office for his pool hall. Tax levy for the town will be 10 mills, general fund, five, contingent fund three and street fund two. Side walk construction continued.

7/31/14 Dr. H.T. Rhoads has moved his office from the old Jackson building to his new quarters in the Larson block. Rev. Father Connolly of the Catholic Church has been transferred to Shelby. Rev. Father Casey, of Plains, will succeed him in Choteau. Masons honor Past Grand Master J.G. Bair in the Masonic Hall with awards and a fried chicken dinner at Choteau House. W.H. George of the Cascade County Good Roads Association, arrived here last evening with a crew of men who are engaged in setting up the guide posts on the Park to Park highway from Great Falls to Glacier National Park. The work will be completed within the next few days, it having been finished as far as Choteau last night.
The Teton County Abstract Co. have moved to their new questers in the second story of the new Larson building on First St. N.W., from their former location in the Hodgskiss building on North Main Ave. They have nice light airy rooms at their new location, with a fireproof vault in connection, and are better equipped than ever to look after the wants of their customers.
AD: Jos. Hirshberg & Co.: Wear Gossard Corsets, They Lace in Front.
AD: Rexall Store, W.H. Hewson, Proprietor: These Summer Days Remember The Rexall Fountain Where Drinks Are Always Ice Cold and Ice Cream the Best Blanchard's.
AD: The J.W. Johnson, Prop.: For Hot Meals and Short Orders Go to the Little Gem Restaurant, Open All Hours Day and Night Call in and see us we can please you, First door north of the Butcher Shop.

8/7/14 Great Britain Declares War Against Germany. Full Page AD for Cary Safes, and Vaults. County elections in offing with many candidate announcements. Dr. Stephens has moved into the Larson building, outfitted with light cool and sanitary dental parlors. Latter part of July and the first of August has been extremely hot and dry. F.P. Whitney busy kalsomining, varnishing and tinting the walls of the interior of the school building. The Choteau Land and Loan Co. and the law firm of Cole & Shannon have moved from their former location south of the Hotel Beaupre to their new quarters in the Larson building on First St. NW. Work suspended on the Choteau line of the Milwaukee Railway, with hopes dashed that it would be completed this year. High School students asked to notify Mr. Dietrich if they wish to work for their room and board and if they want a place to stay.

8/14/14 List of candidates for county office in primary. J.J. Hannon is moving his stock of goods from the old Silverman & Cohen building on Main Avenue, to his new quarters in the Larson building on First street N.W. L.D. Clayton has purchased C.C. Irons, feed store and stable located on lower Main street in the Hirshberg addition.

8/21/14 100 men went out to the forest and came back after getting the fire under control.

8/28/14 Light vote in Teton County primary elections. Blocks 1-9 of Cowgill's addition annexed to town of Choteau. Ad: Teton County High School.

9/4/14 State Militia ordered to Butte for Duty. Company M of Choteau, Montana National Guard, left this city early last Monday morning bound for Helena, under orders from Gov. Stewart, where the state militia were mobilized for service at Butte. Glacier Park became a federal preserve on Aug. 31 when Gov. S.V. Stewart was formally notified by Secretary of interior Lane that the federal government accepted jurisdiction. AD: Gold Leaf Bar, J.M. Weaver, Proprietor, A Resort for Gentlemen, Budweiser, Schlitz and American Beer, Rye and Bourbon Whiskies, Wines Liquors and Cigars, Choteau Montana.

9/9/14 Acantha. Choteau Hospital to Open Soon
The Choteau hospital will open in the rooms over the Choteau Meat shop as soon as the fixtures and equipment arrive. The rooms are about completed and steam heat is now being installed.
Drs. Rhoads and Bateman will move their offices to the new quarters at the head of the stairs of the hospital about the end of this week.
The hospital will contain about 20 beds. Rooms have been outfitted by the following individuals:
Julius Hirshberg, one room.
Masonic Lodge and Eastern Star, one room.
Ladies Industrial, one room.
Ladies Guild, one room.
Woodmen of the World, one room,
Modern Woodmen of American, one room.
Odd Fellow lodge, one room.
This is quite a distinction and reflects high credit for the interest taken in giving the people good hospital accommodation.

9/11/14 Candidacy of incumbent state Sen. T. Larson stirs considerable acrimony around the county. Cut Bank Pioneer Press prints a sarcastic article about “Mother Choteau” noting the bitter wars over county partitions.

9/18/14 Hospital for Choteau. For a number of years the town of Choteau and the surrounding country has been sadly in need of hospital facilities. Recently, Drs. Rhoads and Bateman formed a co-partnership for the practice of their profession, and are now making arrangements to supply this want of a hospital. They have leased half of the upper story of the new brick and concrete building on First St. NW just west of the post office, where they will open an up-to date place just as soon as the rooms can be plastered and the necessary paraphernalia and fixtures can be installed. The doctors are to be commended for their enterprise and it is to be hoped the public generally will show their appreciation by giving the institution their hearty financial support. It is not expected the hospital will be a money making institution, for a year or more, at least, but it will undoubtedly prove a great convenience to the people in this section.

10/2/14 “Star of Teton Flour” on sale at Crescent Milling Co. The Catholic Ladies Auxiliary will give a dance in honor of the militia boys shortly after the return of the militia from Butte. AD: Horses Wanted, 500 head of horses suitable for cavalry purposes, no light grays taken.

10/9/14 Teton County High School opened with attendance of 27, and its now 35 with a few more students. The building was greatly improved and a fence put around it. Voter registration tallies 303 in Precinct 1 Choteau, of 2,871 total in Teton county. The Glenloyd has been sold by Litke & Co., to Mr. Miller of Spokane, an experienced hotel man who took possession Friday morning. The Choteau Meat Co. are preparing to move their market to their new quarters in the Cowell-Cail-Larson-Gorham building on Second St. NW, where they have fitted up a market which is second to none in Northern Montana. Mr. J.W. Johnson intends to move his restaurant into the building now occupied by the meat market.
The contract was let for a fine Garage (to service autos) next to Upman's blacksmith shop, to be 80x100 feet, giving the town two fine garages.
Notice of Special election Nov. 3 on the question of town of Choteau issuing bonds of $6,000 for the purpose of filling, grading and otherwise improving the streets, avenues and alleys.

10/16/14 Business of putting in the sewer resumed this week and has reached the alley between Central Avenue and First Avenue West as, has the work at the septic tank and the main line of sewer from tank into town. within a few day sit will be extended to the center of the business district.
Ad: Chas. Twiggs, Box 95, Choteau. Licensed guide, Teton River, Sun River, Big River, Large or small hunting parties. Will take you to the game. Call on or address.
James Heighton has taken charge of the Larson block and will look after the building during the winter.

10/23/14 The junior class to sell homemade candy at the Choteau Drug Store on Oct. 24. AD: Hirshberg's hosts a 20 percent sale. Notice of special town election, has increased the bond issue to $10,000 for grading streets, etc. Choteau Meat Market incorporates on Oct. 15, with members Alvin J. Cowell, Charles A. Cowell and Thomas H. Givens.

10/30/14 State health officials visit Choteau to go over the sewer system and expressed satisfaction at the progress of the work. The Choteau Drug Store was burglarized last Sunday night, by breaking a rear window. The only things missed were a couple of bottles of morphine, indicating that some “snow bird” was out of his favorite dope and was unable to purchase a fresh supply in town.

11/6/14 Republicans Gain the nation. Many Democrats elected in Teton. Commercial Club arranges for a lecture series at the high school auditorium.

11/13/14 Teton voters endorse women's suffrage, 1005-722, with Choteau voters 112-96 in 1st precinct and 63-36 in second precinct. The room adjoining the club saloon has been leased by Luther Schnee who is fitting the place up and as soon as the work is completed will open up a first-class day and night short-order restaurant. Ladies Industrial Society will host a cooked food sale at the Choteau Mercantile Co.'s store on Saturday.

11/20/14 Pioneer C.F. Green dies. Commercial Club successfully protests the notice of the Great Northern Railway to reduce service to three days, and the company announces it will continue daily, except Sunday, service pending an investigation. Choteau Social Club, holds vote to disband, but it is defeated.
The installation of a portion of the sewer system in Choteau has resulted in many of the wells in town going dry. This is particularly true of the wells near Main street, among them being the well at the fire station, along side the old Silverman-Cohen building. Before work was started on the sewer system, it was impossible to pump this well dry, even with powerful stem pumps. However, during the past few days, the water has been gradually disappearing, until only a foot of water remained for fire-fighting purposes. Workmen have been employed by the city fathers to sink the well deeper, and it is thought that within the next few days we will again have an adequate supply for all purposes. The “Hole-in-the-Wall” restaurant next to the Club Saloon will probably open next week.

11/27/14 Pondera County petition filed. Choteau citizens contribute to the Belgium relief fund for those starving due to the war. Petitioners had also been ready to file for a “Valier” county, but took it back because of Conrad's action.

12/4/14 Pondera County heating Dec 16. Haugen's store to open a delicatessen in its general store. Choteau Bakery located in northern part of town, is under new management, James Gralton. A Commercial Club committee was formed to pursue Choteau as the location of a beet sugar factory.

12/11/14 Farmington Notes: The writer had not been to Choteau for more than a year until about a week ago. It was hard to believe it was the same old town. Such beautiful sidewalks, residences and business blocks. In looking for the old landmarks, I couldn't believe it was the old Choteau House until the genial William was seen through the window. The sidewalks have changed the appearance of everything. Old Hamilton street, don't know its new name and don't care, well isn't it up to date? Missed the old familiar horses that were always tied along the streets. If Frank McDermott should ever return where will he sit? The posts on main street were convenient but added nothing to the looks of the town. Surely, there isn't a prettier town anywhere.
Considerable opposition to the creation of “Devils' Dream” county, with Conrad as its county seat. AD: W.J. Roulston, The New Jeweler, one door south of Choteau Mercantile Co. Choteau Old Timers Association to host dance at Woodman Hall. Militia commended by governor for service in Butte. Montanan compliments the Choteau community band.

12/16/14 Acantha The Choteau hospital furniture is expected daily and upon arrival the hospital will be open to the public.

12/18/14 Committee organizes a union Choteau entertainment among all Sunday schools. A Holiday Ball will be given at the Woodmen Hall on Dec. 25 with Prof. Bovee's complete orchestra. Commissioners deny Pondera County petition. Royal Theatre to only open four nights a week due to decline in patronage in winter months. Full page AD: Jos. Hirshberg' & Co., Open the Door with Santa. Mrs. J.W. Chapel to open her restaurant in the new building west of the post office, recently conducted by Fryer & Will, as the New Eudora, on Dec. 22, Home cooking a specialty. A shooting gallery has been opened in the building formerly occupied by the Little Gem Restaurant on Main street.
The furniture for the Choteau hospital has arrived and is being rapidly installed. As soon as this work is completed, which will be within the next few days, the institution will be open to the general public. Drs. Rhoads and Bateman have moved their offices from the Larson building to their new rooms at the hospital building.
The “pond” has been taken out of Pondera county and there is nothing left of Conrad but the “con.”
A play will be given by school children at the high school auditorium on Dec. 24.
12/23/14 Acantha Local Items': The furniture for the Choteau Hospital has arrived and the rooms are now ready for the public. Miss Egan arrived from Great Falls Monday to take charge of the hospital.

12/25/14 National Prohibition Movement has Large Vote. There has never been a time when houses were as scarce in Choteau as at the present time. We predict the coming of spring and the Milwaukee will launch a good healthy building boom. Businesses pony up several hundred dollars to defray costs to the Commercial Club committee pursing Choteau as a factory site for the sugar beet industry. J.W. Chapel has moved his tin shop form the little log building west of the old Hannon store to the room adjoining Mrs. Chapel's new restaurant on First street west. Maids and Matrons club of Belleview want the town dump location to be changed so as not to frighten the horses with the papers that fly around there.. Post office in Limington changed to Bole.

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