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"Transcribed from the Choteau Acantha Newspaper dated March 27, 1930 by Nancy Thornton, All rights reserved."

Headline: 1920 Census of [Teton] County showed 5,870 people.
Choteau had 1,043 persons. Value farm property was $20,255,634.

Teton County in 1920 had a population of 5,870. The population of Choteau at that time was 1,043 and of school district No. 1, which included Choteau was 1,339. These figures are supplied by Chas Davidson, supervisor for the second district, Montana, for the 1930 census. Mr. Davidson states that he believes they may be of interest to the public in view of the fact that the 1930 census is about to be taken.

The composition and character of the population of the county at that time was as follows:
Male 3,250
Female 2,620
Native white 4,924
Foreign born white 883
Negroes 3
Indians, Chinese Japanese and all others 60
Total 5,870

The number of dwellings in the county in 1920 were 1556 and the number of families were 1,591.

Relative to the illiteracy in the county in 1920, the federal census showed the following:
Total population, 10 years of age and over 4,343
Number of illiterates 62

Native white, 10 years of age and over 3,431
Number of illiterates 16

Foreign born white 10 years of age or over 872
Number of illiterates 31

Negroes 3
Number of illiterates 1

Number of farms 1920 1,135
Number of farms 1925 1,089
Value of all farm property $20,255,6334
Value of lands in farms $15,053,642
Value of farm buildings $1,549,537
Value of farm implements and machinery $1,191,306
Value of livestock on farms 2,461,149
Number of farms operated by managers 1920 26
Number of farms operated by tenants 1920 122
Farms reporting domestic livestock 1,005
Value of domestic animals $2,427,208
Value of horses $958,553
Value of mules $26,240
Value of cattle $1,108,243
Value of sheep $298,818
Value of goats $50
Value of swine $34,604