1920 School Districts/Population Teton County Montana

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Federal census gives Teton 5,080*-city of Choteau 1043.
A copy of the 1920 Federal census figures which reprint herewith gives to Teton County, a population of 5,080*, as it now stands. In looking over these figures it must be remembered that no comparison with the figures for the census of 1910 cam be made inasmuch as the city of Choteau was not incorporated at that time and Teton county has since been several times subdivided. The populations indicated below are preliminary announcements and are subject to correction.

School district—Population
1—Including city of Choteau 1339
2-Joint School District No. 2 (part of) 2—50
3-Joint School District 23 (part of) 3—328 (Named Marias in Dec. 1915)
4—Raymond 87
5—Burton 113
7—Farmington 114
8—Satre 146
(10—Conrad, in Dec. 1915)
12—Bynum 319
14—Ralston Gap 66
16—Belleview 85
17—Bole 188
20—Hooyena 120
21—Fairfield 528
22—Ludowissi 100 (was named Berndt in Dec. 1915)
23—Porter 103
26—Collins 238
27—Jensen 48
29—Wannish 81 (spelled Wanish in Dec. 1915)
30—Power 210
31-Joint School District 31, Brownell (part of) 4—7
32—Savic 32
33—Perry 40
(34—Rachac in Dec. 1915)
36-Joint School District 36, Levi (part of) 5—58
37—Duncan 124
38—Cook 52
40-Joint School District 40, Laughlin (part of) 6—No pop.
41-Joint School district 41, Deaver, (part of) 7—76
42—Lindseth 142
44—Dederich 123
45—Spring Valley 80
46—Saterlie 53 (formed in March 1916)
49—Allum 73
51—Agawam 71
(55—Kindle, Joint with Toole County in Dec. 1915)
59—Plummerton 44
60—Spring Coulee 60
61—Pendroy 163
62—West Spring Valley 91
63—Morehart 83
64—Lowry 78
65—Burch 57
68—no name 90
Incorporated city, city of Choteau—1,043
Total population of Teton county year 1920—5870*
[*Transcriber’s note: figures do not add up to 5870 or 5080.]

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Raymond School District No. 4 divided and now is Beginning at NE corner of section 25, T27N, R7W, thence west on section line to a point between sections 19 and 30, T27N, R8W, where said section line crosses Dupuyer creek, thence westerly along the North fork of Dupuyer creek to the western boundary of Teton County, thence southerly along said western boundary to a point which would be if surveyed, a line one mile north of the north boundary of T24N, Thence east to the southeast corner of section 25, T25N, R7W, thence north on range line to POB.

Fish Lake School District No. 11, County Superintendent of Schools Mrs. Fannie E. Chenoweth returned the first of the week from Dupuyer. While there she granted the request of several of the residents for the establishment of a new district at Fish Lake to be known as district No. 11. The district is bounded as follows: Beginning at that point on the Great Northern Railway where it crosses the summit, thence south to the north fork of Dupuyer creek, thence east to the line of the government survey, thence north to Seville, on the Great Northern Railway, thence west to the place of beginning. She has named as trustees, M.H. Embody, H. Pfeiffer and Ed Miller. As there was considerable opposition to the organization it is very probable that an appeal will be taken to the board of county commissioners. [MTCH Oct. 18, 1901.]

Bynum Schools, No. 12, with Talifson and Mountain View Schools. Talifson is five miles east of Bynum Section 14, T26N, R5W. Mountain View is 3 miles north of Bynum in Section 6, T26N, R5W. Teton County.[ Bynum Herald, 3-16-1916.]

Belleview School District No. 16. Beginning at the SE corner of Section 25, T25N, R7W, thence west on section line of surveyed portion of Teton County, and if said section line were extended, to western boundary of Teton County, thence southeasterly along western and southern boundary of the county to a point on the line between ranges 6 and 7 west, where Sun river intersects said range line, thence north on range line to POB.

Bole School District No. 17. Beginning at northeast corner Section 1, Township 23 North, Range 3 West; thence west about six miles to northwest corner Section 6, same township; thence south three miles to northwest corner Section 16, same township' thence east one mile to northwest corner Section 24, Township 23 North Range 4 West; thence south five miles to southeast corner Section 11, Township 22 North, Range 4 West; thence east four miles to southeast corner Section 9, Township 22 North, Range 3 West; thence north two miles to northeast corner Section 4, same township; thence east three miles to southeast corner Section 36, same township; thence north six miles to POB.[New district as reported in the Choteau Montanan April 2, 1915]

Fairfield School District No. 21 [New District as reported in the Choteau Montanan April 2, 1915]

New Law Will Close Teton School Districts
Four elementary school districts in Teton County will be ordered abandoned by the end of the current fiscal year, under terms of a state school law amendment.
All Schools which have not operated since July 1, 1959, face mandatory abandonment. Four districts are eligible for abandonment, as they have not operated a school for three consecutive years or more.
A fifth district not operating a school, but not subject to abandonment, has petitioned to be divided and transferred to an adjacent district. The remaining portion of that district will retain its identity for another year. Two other districts, not subject to abandonment, are seeking consolidation.
The amendment, passed in the 1959 legislature, provided that any districts not operating schools for three consecutive years succeeding July 1, 1959, would have to be abandoned and annexed to an adjacent district.
Districts being ordered abandoned under the new statute are
Maurer School, District No. 6, no school held since 1952; Porter Bench, School District No. 23, no school since 1944; Belleview School, District No. 16, no school since 1951; and Pleasant Valley School, District No. 62, no school since 1934. These districts have remained in force because the district paid tuition and transportation to another district. The new law has changed this.
School District No. 4 has held no school for two years, and does not come under the statute for mandatory abandonment, but is already seeking division and transfer.
Twenty per cent of the qualified electors of East Farmington, District No. 5 and FarmingtonDistrict No. 8 have petitioned for consolidation. After statutory time, notices will be posted for an election to be held in both of the districts on the consolidation proposal. The election will be held on Saturday, Dec. 30, in the respective schools for 2 to 6 p.m. [Transcribed with permission from the Choteau Acantha, Dec. 7, 1961.]

School districts as of the year ending June 30, 1927
2—Dry Forks
20—T.L. Gap
23—Porter Bench
26—Collins 238
27—Pine Ridge
41—Jensen (Joint with Pondera)
42—East Farmington
45—Spring Valley
46—Lake View
62—West Spring Valley
66—Diamond Valley
74—Grassy Lake

(Source: Choteau Acantha)