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Compiled by volunteer Jeanne Anderson with the cooperation of the Choteau Acantha 5/23, 27, /13.

1/2/36 The financial statement of city treasurer Fred Barribal brought rejoicing to administrative heads. The total amount on hand was shown as $13,505.09.

1/9/36 The big pumps at the city water plant received their first thorough overhauling in 20 years. Have been in continuous use since they were installed that long ago.
Substantial progress made in Choteau during past year. Many improvements made in homes and in business places. Outlook for future regarded bright.

2/6/36 The President's birthday ball proved to be a success here as $148.65 was netted. Thirty percent of the proceeds will be sent to New York City to go toward the fight of infantile paralysis. The balance to be used locally for a similar purpose.

2/13/36 A howling blizzard and 35 degrees below zero did not stop the Teton's Oldest Settlers from holding their 25th reunion.
In the same storm, the volunteer firemen fought a stubborn blaze at the Walley house, which was damaged.

2/20/36 The long cold spell which lasted about four weeks broke with a warmer temperature of 13 degrees below. The lowest recorded was 50 degrees below.

2/26/36 F.G. Curtis and Ernest Folda have purchased the John Deere Agency from Teton Implement Co.

3/5/36 Hirshbergs to build a modern annex to store. Will occupy vacant space on Main Avenue and adjoin the Larson block.

4/9/36 C.W. Burns re-elected mayor by a large majority, resulting in a 10 to one victory over opponent David L. Boggs. The count in the two wards showed a total of 289 for Burns and 29 for Boggs. R.R. Mellon was re=elected alderman in the first ward and A.H. Doughty in the second ward, succeeding L.E. Taylor who was not a candidate.

4/16/36 Building boom started in Choteau. Notable among the business structures is the annex to Hirshberg's department store, which will occupy the space between the store and the Larson block. Several homes are also being planned.
Choteau is host to 200 FFA youths. The came from Conrad, Valier, Cascade, Browning, Dutton and Simms to join forces with Choteau.

4/30/36 Veteran Postmaster G.C. Core turns over the reins of the post office to Gibson Monkman. This brings to a close 16 years of service by Mr. Core in that department

5/7/36 Fire Chief J.G. Jackson tendered his resignation, stating he has too many other duties.

5/14/36 The Choteau Hotel, a historic landmark here, was sold to Wm. Schneider of Great Falls. Mrs. Emma Thompson has owned the hotel since 1921 when she purchased it from Wm. Hodgskiss.

5/21/36 200 Scouts are guests of Choteau for Boy Scout Camporee on weekend.
An inch of rain was recorded locally. Thus was broken a drought of several weeks which was accentuated by high winds.

5/28/36 Forty-two seniors were handed diplomas at graduation exercises Wed. night at Teton County High School.

6/18/36 The Glenloyd Hotel has been sold to Mrs. W.R. Weaver. The transfer from the present owner, C.K. Malone, to the new owners will become effective July 1. The Glenloyd was built in 1913 by Homer Jackson and Associates.

6/25/36 Sale of Rexall Drugstore is announced by new purchasers, Mrs. A.B. Bart and Wayne Gillette. Former owner was Teton Drug Co., incorporated in 1926. R.E. Nelson was owner and general manager.
J.B. Conlin, manager of Choteau Implement Co., was elected as new Lions Club president.

7/23/36 T.O. Larson, Choteau, wins Republican nomination for U.S. senator.

8/6/36 A crowd estimated at 350 or 400 witnessed the water carnival at the municipal pool. Many participated in aquatic contests with a high degree of skill shown.

8/13/36 Choteau girl, Mary Jacobsen, 11, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Jacobsen, died at the Choteau hospital as a result of injuries sustained in a fall at the Gallatin Valley elevator in Bynum.
Ray E. Nelson announces the opening of Nelson Insurance Agency in the Larson block.

8/20/36 Choteau Flour Mill resumes operation under management of the Schung Bros. Flour to be known as “Tip-Top” brand.

8/27/36 Arthur Hirshberg, 52, dies at Choteau hospital. He was a prominent citizen of the city and manager of Jos. Hirshberg and Co. store since 1908.

9/3/36 Mrs. O. Hansen announces sale of Parlor Shoppe to Mr. and Mrs. Otis Mellon. The Mellons have resided here for many years. The store will be operated along lines similar to that of the past.

9/17/36 “Come and get it” is the slogan for the celebration of the completion of the Choteau-Augusta highway. The big event will be held at the American Legion pavilion in the city park.

9/24/36 The road celebration draws many out-of-town visitors. It was noted hat this is the last unit in the Park-to-Park highway.

10/15/36 The Lions Club 49'er celebration netted over $1,000. All the proceeds will go into the civic fund for charitable and benevolent enterprises. Attendance was placed at around 1,200 at the two-day event.

11/5/36 Great Democratic landslide continues in Teton County. Local candidate for U.S. senator, T.O. Larson, was defeated by James E. Murray, incumbent.

11/12/36 WPA federal grant of $6,903 listed for Choteau sewer extension. Engineer estimate of improvement is $10,390, which leaves $3,283.70 to be paid by property owners.

11/19/36 Choteau business places get behind the Teton Co. Turkey Shipping Assn. Realizing the importance of the two-day shipping event, they raised $118.50 to be given as prizes to the growers.

12/3/36 Robert Arnot of Conrad has accepted a position with Jos. Hirshberg & Co. W.R. Weaver, who has been with the firm for eight years, will leave to take charge of the Texaco service station, which he leased.

12/31/36 Choteau Boy Scouts and St. Nick connive to show Choteau kids a swell time at community Christmas tree. It was estimated that 400 jammed the courtroom and surrounding area for the festivities. The American Legion, the Lions Club and others cooperated with the Scouts in the enterprises.

Compiled by volunteer Jeanne Anderson on June 4,5, 2013, with the cooperation of the Choteau Acantha.

1/7/37 Severe blizzard grips Choteau on Monday. Northerner swoops down unforewarned. One death of a Butte man was attributed to the storm.
City has money on hand in excess of obligations, about $5,000 more than outstanding indebtedness.
New Year's dance, sponsored by Choteau Woman's Club, acclaimed a success in every way. Mrs. Cohoe's orchestra supplied the music.

1/31/37 Construction work starts on city sewer extension project. Property owners in Hobson Addition agree to buy bonds to finance material. WPA supplies labor.

2/25/37 Mrs. Effie Bateman, wife of local physician Dr. H.W. Bateman, passed away Monday.
Great Falls resident Harry Ames purchases Choteau Drug Co.

3/25/37 Mrs. A.B. Guthrie, wife of school principal and prominent here for 36 years, died. Present at her bedside were their three children, A.B. Jr., Charles, and Mrs. R.E. Haugen and her husband.

4/1/37 City celebrates April Fool's Day by “burning the mortgage.” Municipal debt is wiped out when last of outstanding bonds amounting to $5,000, with $100 interest, is paid “on the dot.” the last of the street bonds were paid in October, which with retirement of water bonds will cut 14 mills from tax levies.

4/8/37 Mayor Burns re-elected to his fourth term. Aldermen Paul Kropp and R.R. Mellon elected in Ward 1 and W.W. Smith and A.H. Doughty in Ward 2.
Imposing ceremonies attend funeral of J.E. “Bing” Hodgskiss, 45. He was the son of pioneer parents Mr. and Mrs. William Hodgskiss of Choteau.

5/6/37 At the regular May city council meeting, bids were read and contract awarded for materials for the sewer extension in in the improvement district No. 20 on the southwest side of town. Knudtzon Lumber Co. got the contract with a bid of $428.96.

5/20/37 Harry Ames, 42, dies suddenly of a heart attack. He had just purchased the Choteau Drug. Co. last February.

5/27/37 Mrs. Hattie Wagnild, as the manager of the local office of the Mountain States Tel. and Tel. Co., co-hosts an open house of the company office in Choteau.

6/3/37 The Choteau Woman's Club report that they had a good year and hope to “burn the mortgage” on the library building this year. The library and grounds were purchased July 1, 1931, from Mrs. Mary Gray for $1,500.

6/24/37 The Choteau Bakery, owned and operated for about 15 years by Ray McClue, has been sold to E.C. Hensley who took possession Monday.
Frank Stearns is elected local Lions Club president. R.E. Nelson was presented an award for 10 years of perfect attendance.

7/1/37 The work of installing the heating plant at the Lions municipal swimming pool has been completed. The modern heated pool will be available for the 4th of July celebration.

7/8/37 Thousands attend 3-day Lions Club celebration of the 4th of July in Choteau. Compliments were heard on every hand.
Jos. Hirshberg & Co. leased floor space in the new annex to Safeway Stores Inc. Announcement will be made as to when the store will commence operations.

7/16/37 Announcement made today that the Hirshbergs are retiring from the store business in Choteau. Last year this store celebrated its 50th anniversary of its existence.

7/22/37 Citizens State Bank purchases Stockmen's State Bank building. The move will be from the Larson building where it has been since 1917. The Stockmen's State Bank was merged with Citizens State Bank in 1927.

7/29/37 Breen Oil Co. is successor to Adams Oil Co. with J.W. Breen as owner.
Clark Cable paid as unexpected visit to Choteau. Breakfasted at the Choteau Hotel.

8/5/37 The Parkway Café, beer parlor and building sold to A.J. Nutter and Son.

8/19/37 The Safeway Store will open Saturday under the management of W.T. Loughridge, who comes from Fort Benton.

9/2/37 Choteau Flour Mill is totally destroyed by fire. The fire department was handicapped by distance of water connections and unable to combat the huge fire.

9/16/37 Verne E. Greene announces the opening of his City Meat market in the Coffey building on First St. N.W.

9/30/37 Frank C. Young, 52, succumbs. He resided here and was manager of St. Anthony Lumber yard for 25 years. He is survived by wife Margaret, daughter Erma, a teacher at Dutton, a son Alvin (Dick), who is employed at Fort Peck and daughter Margaret a senior at Teton County High School.
A business transaction is the sale of Johnson's Food Market to Jack O'Neill of Havre. Johnson came to Choteau in 1931 and was the manager of the S&B store and later became the owner.

10/21/37 Lions Club 49'er celebration nets around $600. The proceeds will be applied on the indebtedness against the heating unit on the swimming pool. The crowed was placed close to 900.

11/11/37 Improvement work was started last week on streets and avenues on the south side of town and winding roads and trails that have existed for many years are to give way to straightened and graded streets. The regular street crew is doing the work with equipment owned by the city.
Carl B. Wedum, well known young businessman of Glasgow, has leased the Hirshberg store building.

11/25/37 Three local automobile dealers are already showing the 1938 models. Those who have new cars are Wallace Motor Co., Chevrolet; Hanson Bros. Garage, Pontiac; and Choteau Garage, Nash and Lafayette. L.E. Taylor expects the new Ford soon.

12/9/37 Citizens State Bank is now a member of the Federal Reserve system.

12/16/37 Death claims life of W.W. Smith, 57, proprietor of the Choteau Creamery and one of the city's best known citizens.

12/23/37 A portion of water mains in the city will be replaced. Work started with $16,000 WPA funds; city to spend about $15,000.

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