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Compiled by Jeanne Anderson on June 11, 2013, with the cooperation of the Choteau Acantha.

1/6/38 Local golfers have conclusive evidence that the weather was really fine as they played on the golf course. They testified that the day beat that of last September “all hollow.” Those playing were George Jackson, J.B. Conlin, E.D. Larson and son, Don, of Great Falls and Emil Dobler.
At the regular meeting of the city council John Hentges was named to succeed W.W. Smith, recently deceased.

1/20/38 Sharp turns around the courthouse on highway to be greatly reduced. Surveyor's stakes indicate that changes will make the curves more gradual.

2/3/38 Birthday balls honoring President Roosevelt were popular Saturday night despite the almost 30-below-zero weather that prevailed. Advance ticket sales contributed greatly to the financial success.
Dr. E.B Maynard has been seriously ill at his hospital. Dr. Patterson from Conrad came to treat him and reported that he is improving.

3/10/38 Chuck's Café is moving to a new location in the Choteau Hotel, in what was formerly the hotel dining room. M/M C.O. Davis, owners, entered the café business in 1936 when they purchased Chappies Coffee shop from Mrs. Frances Forgie.

3/24/38 Wedum's Federated Store, new business in Choteau, launched this morning. Store is attractive for opening. It occupies the former Hirshberg Store that operated for over a half century.

3/31/38 Dr. Boussard is named Choteau Country Club president. Various business matters were taken up during the meeting. One of the accomplishments during the past year was securing a clubhouse and improving it.

4/7/38 Ownership of the Choteau Drug Co. changed hands and Theodore B. Halvorson is the new proprietor. The retiring owner, R.R. Mellon, had resumed ownership when Mr. Ames died soon after purchasing the store. Mr. Halverson had been associated with Cut Bank Drug.
E.C. Hensley, proprietor of Choteau Bakery, announces that he has installed a Super Cold Freezer at the bakery. He will sell ice cream made from a rich cream mix to be purchased from the Choteau Creamery.

4/21/38 The new Grizzly service station has opened. Wallace Motor Co. has leased the station and employs T.J. Dellwo, who resigned his position as undersheriff.
John Dale is appointed as new undersheriff, announces Sheriff Billings.
L.E. Taylor gives up Ford agency. He became the Ford dealer in 1924.
The city council has made formal application for $3,829 from the WPA to build sidewalks and curbs or other improvements in a city-wide program.

5/5/38 C.W. Burns resigns as mayor of Choteau. The surprise move develops at the council meeting Monday. The action automatically made Russell Mellon, president of the council, acting mayor, and he was elected to fill out the unexpired term of his predecessor.
6/9/38 Construction began this week on a modern tourist structure being built by the Sulgrove brothers and their mother, Mrs. Christine Sulgrove. The location will be on what for several years was the tennis courts between the Sulgrove residence and the Lions municipal swimming pool.

6/16/38 John W. Hentges is new mayor of Choteau, as R.R. Mellon resigns because he is moving to Missoula. John L. “Chick” Sulgrove was named as alderman of the second ward to replace Hentges.

6/30/38 An epidemic of cloudbursts drenched the area the past two weeks. Choteau is minus train service for four days.
L.H. “Kemp” Klemton is president and manager of new business, Kemp Chevrolet Co., successor to Wallace Motor Co.

7/21/38 Dr. H.W. Bateman for state senator, Albert O. Peterson for sheriff, Jonas Johnson for representative, T.J. Dellwo for sheriff, and H.M. Daley for clerk of court are sure of berths on the next November election ballot. These five contested offices were the center at the primary election Tuesday.

8/4/38 City retains excellent financial standing. Closed the fiscal year with cash balance of $3,853.48. There was a slight deficit in the water department due to improvements. City's net worth is $61,333.80.

8/11/38 Wm. H. Fluhr, Belt, is the new proprietor of the Choteau Creamery. the purchase was made from the estate of the late W.W. Smith.

9/8/38 The annual flower show, sponsored by the Choteau Woman's Club, was held at the American Legion pavilion; regarded as one of the best shows in recent years.

9/22/38 Coach John Dunckel to put gridders in action on Saturday. Brady and Augusta will furnish opposition to Teton bulldogs here, in two six-man games.
According to word received here, a large tri-motor plane with a 20-passenger capacity will be flown by Paul Quinn. The field north of town recently used by the “Sky Riders” will serve as a landing field in as much as the airport which was constructed about four years ago has been abolished.

10/6/38C.D. McDonald and F.C. Barribal now own controlling interest in the Citizens State Bank and the institution once again becomes a home owned concern. the bank celebrated its 25th anniversary a few years ago. George M. Coffey Sr. was the first president.
Choteau Man, Alvin “Dick” Young escapes with life in huge Fort Peck Dam landslide.

10/13/38 Receipts from the recent Lions 49er celebration were sufficient to wipe out the remaining indebtedness on the municipal swimming pool and leave a balance of $43.

10/20/38 Season's first snowfall ends longest growing season. About six inches of snow fell and the temperature dropped below freezing.

10/27/38 Ken Sturgis has resigned his position as manager of the J.C. Penney store, a position he has held since 1929, to go into business for himself. He will open an implement and hardware store as successor to Choteau Implement Co. It will be known as Sturgis hardware and Implement Co. Will be local dealer for International Harvester Co.

11/10/38 A new pump, motor and wiring has been installed at the city water plant. It is expected to result in a considerable saving to the city.

Tuesday's general election vote reveals distinct Republican trend. Peterson, Dellwo and Billings stage hot race for sheriff, with unofficial count giving Peterson, Republican, a margin of six votes.

12/15/38 Oliver and Martin Hanson, proprietors of Hanson Bros. Garage, are now using new garage additional in the building owned by C.K. Malone.

12/29/38 Pending settlement by the courts of the Billings-Peterson sheriff's case, the former will continue in the office.
Wind, dust, flying debris, fire alarms and such give Choteau an eerie Christmas Eve. A strong wind blew throughout the night and by early morning it veered to the north and turned into a blizzard.

Compiled by volunteer Jeanne Anderson on June 19, 2013, with the cooperation of the Choteau Acantha.

1/5/39 The New Year's dance sponsored by the Choteau Woman's Club was a successful event financially. Net proceeds of about $60 will go toward the maintenance of the Choteau public library.

1/12/39 Choteau Acantha purchased by Iowa man, Karl Bishop. E.L. Jourdonnais, publisher of the paper until this transaction, had been associated with the Acantha for about 32 years.

1/19/39 Town council issues Building permits estimated at nearly $25,000 in 1938. The report covers the construction of 10 residences, three garages, one business building and repairs and remodeling.

2/2/39 A.L. Peterson lost to J.L. Billings in the district court case in the sheriff's election contest. Plans are to appeal to the Montana Supreme Court.

3/2/39 The Lions Club voted unanimously to assist in raising funds with which to fence the new tennis courts on the lots being filled by the WPA. These lots were formerly used as a skating rink.

3/9/39 The Choteau Racketeers (basketball team) will take on the Ozark Hill Billies (a crack girls' team with only one man in the lineup) on March 13.

3/16/39 Hillbillies basketball team was disappointing to local fans. The final outcome saw the girls winners by a few points.

3/30/39 At a directors' meeting of the Lions Club, several proposals with regard to promoting tourist good-will were discussed and approved. A committee of seven was named to formulate plans for a general meeting of businessmen of Choteau to give instruction for the promotions.

4/6/39 K.E. Sturgis wins in mayor race by 47 votes, in a spirited contest, defeating C.W. Burns.

4/13/39 At a meeting of the Choteau Golf and Country Club, held at the Post Tavern, officers elected were Pres. E.C. Hensley, VP Wm. Olson, directors: Henry Robison, C.D McDonald and Clarence Looney.

4/27/39 The first of a series of tourist advertising schools will be held and members of the newly formed tourist advertising committee headed by R.E. Nelson, hope for and expect a large attendance.

5/4/39 At a regular meeting the city council, newly elected Mayor K.E. Sturgis assumed the duties taking over the reins from John Hentges, mayor since the resignation of C.W. Burns last fall. City Clerk J.G. Jackson and Marshal M.A. King were reappointed. Gus Thompson is fire chief and foreman of municipal work.
Roller skating is underway at the pavilion under the supervision of Joe Merz. Choteau American Legion is sponsoring the events.
Choteau Post Office ranks ninth among third class offices in nation in sale of savings “Baby” bonds.

6/1/39 Funeral services are held in Helena for old-time merchant and banker Julius Hirshberg, 78, formerly of Choteau.

6/8/39 (Photo) County mourns death of Charles S. McDonald, 74, who died suddenly at his home here early June 5. He was a banker and sheepman who was widely known throughout the state.

6/15/39 The public is invited to fountain opening at Choteau Drug. Proprietor Ted Halverson announces he will serve light lunches in addition to a full line of fountain goods.

6/29/39 C.H. Ferris, 81, state pioneer, died Sunday. He was a justice of the peace for 12 years. He was appointed U.S. Commissioner, a position he held for 16 years.

7/13/39 Many tourists have registered at the local museum which opened recently. The museum, located in the old Tabernacle building near the courthouse, is also an information center. Mr. and Mrs. Ace Powell are in charge of the project.

7/27/39 G.L. Banks, Cut Bank, has purchased the Roberts Funeral Home. Charles Roberts established the business here in 1929. The new firm will be known as the G.L. Banks Funeral Home.
C.B. Wedum of Wedum's Federated Store announces that he has purchased the Ben Franklin line of merchandise and will conduct this department in addition to his complete clothing and dry goods lines.
The grand opening of Chuck's Refrigerated Locker System in the former Maynard hospital building will be held Saturday. Proprietor C.O. Davis announced that Henry Haschke of Hobson has been engaged as meat cutter.

8/10/39 The Council delayed action on the new city lighting system, because figures on the cost were not complete.

8/17/39 Banks Funeral Home owner G.L. Banks is named county coroner to succeed Charles Roberts, who resigned.
Stan Smith, manager of the swimming pool has announced that there will be a fun-filled evening at the 6th annual water carnival and swimming meet. A bathing beauty contest will be held to select Miss Choteau 1939.

8/24/39 Connie Dellwo won the beauty contest at the swim carnival. Betty Mertz was runner-up and Margaret Kemp, third.

9/28/39 Lions Club officials report that everything is ready for the fourth annual '49ers celebration which takes place this weekend.
Walter H. Gorham, 66, died at his home in Choteau. He was one of Montana's pioneers and had lived here since 1902.

10/26/39 Choteau gets seven inches of snow and the temperature dropped to one below zero as real winter weather settled in.

11/9/39 A splendid program for the annual Armistice Day observance in Choteau has been arranged. An agreement has been reached between most business houses to close all day for the observance.

11/30/39 A highly successful and a rousing good time were enjoyed by 130 Teton County's oldest settlers at their 29th annual reunion held Tuesday night at the Masonic Hall.

12/7/39 Supreme Court renders decision for A.O. Peterson in sheriff's election contest, by a one-vote margin. The count was 950 votes for Peterson and 949 for J.L. Billings.
A new business, Eddie's Toggery, will hold its formal opening. Proprietor Eddie Howard states that the firm will carry merchandise for men and boys. It is located in the old Hirshberg bank building recently purchased by W.E. Howard.

12/21/39 Work has started on beautification and general improvements at the Choteau city park, the labor being done mainly by the WPA. To be done is the construction of a standard one-half mile racetrack around the baseball diamond; also lawn and water line on the picnic grounds and a double ultra-modern restroom. To maintain the beauty of the park, a caretaker will be hired to care for the lawn and trees.

12/28/39 The Choteau Woman's Club will hold their annual New Year's dance on Saturday night. The tickets are $ and the proceeds will go to help maintain the Choteau Public Library and other civic activities of the club. The Tennant-Dahlin orchestra will play for the dance.

12/28/39 Among Choteau businesses advertising in this last issue of 1939 in the Choteau Acantha are:
Chick's Shell Station
Choteau Cleaners and Tailors
VanAuken Plumbing and Heating
Elmer R. Dial (Texaco)
Swagger Shoppe
Citizens State Bank
Parkway Café and Beer parlor
Choteau Hospital (Dr. Bateman)
Dr. C.W. Boussard
Dr. E.J. Crary
Dr. C.E. Stephens
Banks Funeral Home
Maynard Hospital
Rexall Drug Store
Penney's (Rayon crepe dresses $1.33)
Gus Depner (Standard Oil)
Choteau Hardware Co.
Billy's Beer Parlor
Choteau Hotel
Leigh's Texaco Station
Monarch Lumber Co.
Royal Theater
Bloom's Grocery
Joe Brockley (hides and furs)
L.E. Taylor Garage
Hanson Bros. Garage
Rexall Beauty Shop
Choteau Meat Co.
Kemp Chevrolet
Eddie's Toggery
Hove Motor Sales (Ford)
Choteau Food Market
Choteau Creamery
Arensmeyer's (Oliver dealer)
Knudtzon Lumber Co.
Wedum's Federated Store
Moderne Beauty and Book Shop

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