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Compiled by volunteer Ruth Reiquam 2/19/13

1/11/40 Community shocked to learn of death of Bert McNeal, 31, of tuberculosis. F.G. Curtis, local John Deere dealer sponsors a big JD program at the Royal Theatre. An all-Hollywood talking picture will be the attraction of the day.

1/18/40 Mercury reaches 15 below, Wed. night. Ad-Bloom's Grocery: catsup 14oz 10 cents, Swift's Sliced Bacon 23 cents per pound.

1/25/40 Possible organization of Commercial Club being considered by Choteau businessmen.

3/29/40 Chamber of Commerce names and elects directors/officers at first official meeting: Jerry Breen “Brick O'Neil, L.H. Kempton, Fred Barribal, “Chick” Sulgrove.

3/7/40 Census takers to begin work in April. City Council discusses zone ordinances.

3/21/40 Historical Group may reconstruction old agency here.

3/28/40 15th Annual Fun Feed set for tonight, 450 tickets have been sold.

4/4/40 Council passes zoning law.

4/11/40 Chamber of Commerce and businesses to launch Trade Days.

4/25/40 Grade School Operetta to play May 10. 90 boys and girls to take part.

5/2/40 Gibson Monkman elected president of 4th District IOOF. Choteau cowboy artist Ace Powell displays art in Great Falls Civic Center Gallery. Council discusses parking ordinance.

5/30/40 Choteau lies in ideal location of Sun River Primitive Area.

6/13/40 Preliminary census shows big gain, 1,176 to 926 ten years ago.

7/4/40 Large program set for July 4 Celebration.

7/11/40 New tennis courts about ready to use.

8/8/40 Water Sprinklers to be operated at designated hours only, with drastic course of action to deal with violators.

8/15/40 Record heat hits Choteau at 101.5 degrees. Barton Motor Sales opens Aug. 17.

9/5/40 Man-caused forest fire under control, 4,000 acres in North Fork Teton, with 700 men on fire line.

9/26/40 Federal WPA grant to construct new water mains, hydrants, etc., in southwest part of town.

10/3/40 Lions thank public for '49ers' event support, gross is $1,121, the money to be used for swimming pool and tennis court maintenance.

12/5/40 Post office says get ready for holiday rush. Draft Board has classified 7 men for Selective Service. Local draft board members: Al Udin, T.O. Larson and Chris Beck.

12/12/40 Mercury tumbles to zero for first cold siege of winter, no sign of letup.

12/19/40 School boards here form a joint group, will correlated some education phases of both schools (Teton County High School and Choteau Elementary.)

12/26/40 Big savings in city water since new pipes laid in southwest part of town.

5/30/40 page 1 Sun River Primitive area.

Compiled by volunteer Helen Rice 2/21/13.

1/2/41 Filling station closes for New Year.

1/16/41 Remodeling of high school dormitory.

1/30/41 Early Day Choteau history reprinted from newspaper file.

2/6/41 Funeral for Capt. C. James Legion post named after him. Nine cent sale at Wedums'.

2/13/41 Dr. H.T. Rhoads passes away in Washington, longtime Choteau physician, state representative and state senator.

2/26/41 Poured foundation for Lutheran Church, will move church from Farmington to Choteau in near future.

3/6/41 Plans to improve Pavilion.

3/20/41 One Slate of Candidates for Election April 7. Mayor Sturgis and Alderman Bloom Will Not File. At the present time it looks as if there would be but one slate of candidates in the coming city election April 7th, with the decision of Mayor K.E. Sturgis and Alderman Hampton Bloom not to run for reelection to their respective offices.
Mayor Sturgis and Mr. Bloom felt that too much dissention is caused between factions supporting opposition candidates and therefore decided to withdraw from the race in the interest of civic harmony.
Thus there will be but one complete lineup to vote on at the election. Henry D. Robison for mayor, and C.W. Boussard and F.G. Curtis for alderman, first ward, filed for these offices Saturday. Chick Sulgrove and Al Doughty, second ward councilmen, are expected to file for reelection in the near future.
Mayor Sturgis and Alderman Bloom have worked zealously in the interest of civic problems during their tenure of office and the local citizenry will be sorry to see them relinquish their posts. Sturgis has held but one term, being elected two years ago. Bloom has held his post for about three years, taking the place of Alderman R.R. Mellon who became mayor upon the resignation of C.W. Burns.

3/27/41 Museum levy on ballot April 7. Teton County Sportsmen's Association elects officers: Pres. H.M. Daley, VP C.O. Davis, secretary-treasurer H.D. Cunningham. March contingent of eight selective service draftees leave Choteau for Fort Missoula.

4/3/41 Work begins on new business structure, (Hampton) Bloom's Grocery. Had been operating in Larson Block.

4/10/41 Library now open afternoons and evenings. 1.5 mill museum levy passes by six votes to fund Choteau museum. Chamber will begin pavilion improvements with no funds to come from the city. They include rewiring, new ceiling, wall facing, extension of hardwood floor and installation of a heating system Chamber bylaws amended to meet twice a month.

4/17/41 Heaviest storm of the year strikes. Huge snow drifts everywhere.

6/5/41 Choteau gets an inch of rain.

6/12/41 New liquor vendor, Geo. Benedett, manager.

6/19/41 Installment of Lutheran Pastor Bernard Gravdal.

6/26/41 Lions Club installs officers: Pres. G.W. Jackson, 1st VP Jerry Breen.

7/3/41 Pavilion gets financial help from Chamber of Commerce. Choteau gets recognition as a resort county.

7/10/41 Council allows permit for cocktail lounge. Bloom's Grocery established in new quarters.

7/17/41 Bloom Grocery grand opening. Bowling alley to be installed.

7/24/41 Retailers told how to work with food stamps.

8/7/41 F.N. Curtis buys Connor building, to be the first John Deere dealer in Choteau.

8/14/41 Bob Clarkson dies, longtime Teton County Extension agent.

9/11/41 New cocktail lounge “The Wagon Wheel,” opens, space where Westmont Insurance is now.

Compiled by volunteer Ruth Reiquam on Feb. 22, 2013.

9/18/41 Private kindergarten class opens at home of Mrs. Elmer Erickson.

9/25/41 $85 additional is raised for heating plant in pavilion. $225 had been previously raised and another $100 will come from the chamber.

10/30/41 Choteau FSA office will remain. Last week in the Acantha it was reported to be moved to Fairfield.

11/6/41 Cornerstone laid Sunday for new Catholic church. Building permits were granted by city council, Ole Holand for a garage, Harry Wood, garage and chicken house, H.L. Stafford, residence. The Great Northern to construct a water line to the bunkhouse.

12/4/41 Free adult electric wiring course at high school here, for young men 17 and older, financed by the government through its defense program.

(2/7/41) Pearl harbor bombed.

12/11/41 Chamber of Commerce finishes payment on pavilion heating unit.

12/18/41 Choteau boy killed in naval action, Harfield Rosengren lost in Hawaiian waters. (Later said to be alive)

12/25/41 Local Red Cross gets fine letter of recognition from the Fitzimons General Hospital at Denver for 18 kits, 12 of which were made and donated by the Choteau American Legion Auxiliary and six by the Choteau H.D. Club.

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