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Compiled by Ruth Reiquam Feb. 22, 2013.

1/8/42 Choteau youth Harfield Rosengren who had been reported dead and lost at sea, is alive and well according to the Navy Department.

1/15/42 Three new members in Lions Club, Emerson Miller, Vic Pellether, and Bob Savage.

1/22/42 Baupre (Beaupre?) Café owner, the Benedetts, relinquish lease. Mrs. Baupre to operate it in conjunction with the Hotel.

2/5/42 City dads request that clocks be advanced one hour.

2/12/42 Sugar rationing expected to begin about March 1.

3/5/42 Allen sells biweekly mimeograph publication, “The News,” a biweekly in Choteau for past 10 years, to “Whitey” Tryon.

4/9/42 Dedication of St. Joseph Catholic Church set for April 12, Pastor J.F. Schulte. Chamber of Commerce elects officers: Pres. Jerry Breen, Sec. Al Hensley, VP Eddie Howard and Treas. George Sulgrove.

5/7/42 Lions celebrate 15th annual charter night.

5/14/42 Barney McClue gets Silver Star for gallantry, reported missing.

5/21/42 The Teton County Grain Cleaning Co. is closing due to S.W. Snyder's going to another job.

6/4/42 Trinity Lutheran Church lays cornerstone and rededicates its beautiful sanctuary, Pastor Rev. A.B. Gravdal.

6/25/42 Horse races to be added to July 4 Celebration.

7/30/42 Local Defense Council set for action, air raid wardens named in 14 zones.

8/20/42 Mr. Kleffman closing his law office after operating for three years, will take teaching job in Helena.

9/17/42 Acantha sold to Millard Bullerdick. Elmer Erickson to stay on in his present position.

11/19/42 R.A. Anderson and Son (LeRoy) Co. opens a flour, feed and coal business.

12/3/42 Great Northern conductor William Tobin, a 40-year veteran of the railroad, killed in accident here, slipped while grabbing a bar to get on the passenger car and fell under the moving wheels.

12/10/42 Teton County High School senior Eileen Reiquam is featured speaker at Lions meeting, having won first place at the 4-H Club Congress in Chicago.

12/17/42 Mrs. Hensley to close bakery on Dec. 20, having been called for WAAC training in Florida.

Compiled by Ruth Reiquam Feb. 26, 2013.

1/14/43 Practice blackout ordered for Jan. 13 at 7 p.m. by John Dale, chair of Civilian Defense.

1/28/43 Minimum in cold snap was 44 below zero, occurred on Jan. 24, with 14 inches of snow falling.

2/11/43 Rationing of commercially canned, bottled, frozen fruits, vegetables, juices, soups and dried fruits will begin March 1.

2/25/43 Vic Pelletir will head a drive locally for athletic and recreation equipment for men in the armed forces.

3/4/43 Municipal election revised, all offices epire this spring, it will be necessary to elect a mayor, two councilmen from each ward, treasurer and police magistrate.

3/25/43 Barney McClue alive; Japanese prisoner, no other information provided.

4/1/43 Former Choteau man, A.B. Guthrie Jr. turns author, new book on sale today, “Murders at Moon Dance.”

4/8/43 City election quietest in history, H.D. Robinson reelected mayor; Ward 2 councilmen Jos. Knudtson and A.H. Doughty; Ward 1 councilmen F.G. Curtis and Dr. C.W. Boussard; Fred Barribal reelected treasurer and J.G. Jackson, police magistrate.

4/20/43 Cerebral hemorrhage fatal to Dr. E.J. Crary. Funeral has one of the largest attendance on record in Choteau. (Photo)

4/29/43 Frequent fire calls this month. City officials to request more caution.

5/6/43 The School Scoop made its final appearance this year. (Great photo)

5/13/43 E.H. Copenhauer named grade school principal, succeeding Vernon LaValley.

5/27/43 State fire coordinator in Choteau to help organize volunteer crews.

6/3/43 H.J. Briscoe reelected head of Choteau Country Club, drive for membership is on.

6/3/43 Jere M. Coffee gets his A.B. degree plus “cum laude” at university. He also won a citation as outstanding graduate from the school of journalism.

6/10/43 Petitions out to convert Teton County High School into Choteau High School.

7/1/43 Choteau to hold “open house” on July 4. Because of war conditions there will not be a large celebration, activities include use of city park, swimming pool, tennis courts, golf links. Free coffee will be served in the park.

7/8/43 Telephone crew in town to repair and replace many poles, job to take a month.

7/15/43 Choteau out of debt and has $11,265.75 in coffers, financial report shows.

8/5/43 Early morning shooting endangers lives of many. Shot by Sheriff Peterson fells man who “shoots up” Parkway Café, fires at officer and threatens life of Gladys Riggs.

9/2/43 Local businesswoman Grace Barr dies in Great Falls. She was associated with her daughter, Betty Nichols, with the ownership and operation of The Corner Store.

9/9/43 Terry Tennant missing in action. Navy Department notifies Terry's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Tennant, that he was on anti-submarine patrol from the air, based somewhere in England.

9/16/43 Terry Tennant is among survivors, family notified, after being reported missing a week ago.

9/30/43 Choteau businessman “Hamp” Bloom elected vice president of Associated Merchants of Montana. Lutheran Convention here well attended, Rev. A.B. Gravdal of Trinity Lutheran Church, new president.

10/7/43 Lions Club, 49'ers Celebration a huge success, as a result, the swimming pool, tennis courts and other interests of the Lions' will benefit for the year.

10/21/43 Choteau Masonic Lodge has 50th anniversary celebration.

10/28/43 Frank Allum sells Dray & Transfer line which he operated since 1919, to Floyd McFarlane.

11/11/43 Mr. and Mrs. Gus Thompson sold their residential property in the Hobson Addition to Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Stenson.

11/25/43 E.R. “Brick” O'Neil elected new president of Lions, succeeding S.S. Halverson.

12/2/43 martin Gutierrez leases the Beaupre Café on Dec. 1.

12/16/43 Methodist choir will give Christmas program on Sunday night.

12/30/43 ticket sales indicate big crowd for Fireman's New Year's Eve Ball, which will be held at the Masonic hall.

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