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Compiled by Ruth Reiquam March 19-21, 2013.

1/3/46 (Photo) More than $37,000 now pledged locally for new hospital.

1/10/46 Ray Criswell joins Acantha as staff members. He and his family are moving here from Missoula.

1/24/46 (Photo) Mrs. E.J. Crary, owner of the Royal Theater the past 33 years, sold the cinema to P.B. McAdams who will take over March 10.

1/31/46 Legion initiated 30 members last Saturday night.

2/7/46 Choteau airport under new management, Bob Waltermire of Missoula succeeds Ben Chalmers.

2/14/46 Cemetery fundraiser receives $5,000 from the late A.C. Burbank will.

2/21/46 R.L. Savage has been promoted to a larger J.C. Penney's store in Hamilton, Mont. Stanley Placher of Williston, N.D., will succeed him.

3/7/46 New airplane mechanic, Harry O'Brien of Missoula, added to Choteau Flying Service. Jim Henderson was named new manager of J.C. Penney, in place of Stanley Placher.

3/14/46 Thomas Caverly is the new Acantha linotype operator. He succeeds Ray Criswell who accepted a position in Hardin.

3/21/46 Two buildings extended by additions, the first, the courthouse an 11 by 44 foot tile annex and the other, a 20 by 50 foot extension of the Safeway Store.

3/28/46 W.A. Cherry purchased the Hansen Apartments next to the Acantha building from I.E. Christensen. Mrs. Cherry will manage the apartments after April 1.

4/4/46 Merc Company operates at new location, half block south of the Gallatin elevator.

4/11/46 E.C. “Al” Hensley elected president of Country Club for this year. Contracts for 7,000 acres of crop dusting to the Choteau Flying Service.

4/18/46 (Photo) Fire engine arrives. A three-day school for Choteau firemen will begin tonight.

4/25/46 City Council orders $20,000 worth of pipe for water main repair.

5/2/46 A new Choteau business, the Tesch Implement Co., is announced by the proprietor, Charles Tesch. (Photo) Dr. B.E. Kluge opens practice as new dentist. His office will be in quarters formerly occupied by the late Dr. E.J. Crary. Wrixon Lockers purchased by B.H. Reiner and R.J. Brickley of Billings.

5/9/46 (Photo) Popular coach and teacher resigns from Teton County High School effective this summer. He will enter professional business. Details will be announced later.

5/23/46 John Dunckel joins Hanusa Insurance firm.

5/30/46 (Photo) Irshal Davis to direct band for school year, 46-'47. He taught here for six years before joining the Army in 1942.

6/6/46 Dr. John A. March is partner of Dr. H.W. Bateman. His wife who is a graduate nurse will supervise the hospital.

6/13/46 Census counts 1,300 locally.

6/20/46 Volunteers needed to help at rodeo corrals in order to complete the area for July 4.

6/27/46 Roxy Theatre to open on July 4. Lawrence Perry will open a new barber shop in Choteau Saturday. It will be located in the quarters formerly occupied by Bill Murray.

7/4/46 City Council sends out petitions for special bond election to determine if a sewage disposal plant shall be built and if a 500,000 gallon concrete reservoir shall be built. Texaco Tourist Cabins have been sold to Mr. and Mrs. David Buchanan of Popular by J.R. Collins. Roxy Theatre grand opening for Thursday afternoon. Principal stockholders are Guil Homan, Dr. C.W. Boussard and Arnold Hanusa. Building biggest city addition in 20 years,

7/11/46 Rodeo on July 4 draws 4,000 fans, record crowd in city.

7/25/46 Hugh Reid of Bozeman was appointed as new manager of the Roxy Theatre, succeeding Lewis Ross. Sgt. Owen Monkman is listed war casualty. He has been listed as missing in action since Nov. 26, 1944. The official word was received by the War Department. No details were given.

8/1/46 Lightning bolt tore into the George Saro home Monday morning. No one was hurt in the house. Same bolt damaged a transformer and wires in same area.

8/8/46 Dr. J.C. McCarty added to hospital staff. He arrived from Kentucky on Monday and his wife, a registered nurse, will in the next few weeks.

8/16/46 Apathy, bungling, causes petition failure over abolishment of high school (TCHS). Voters given extension until next Monday to sign petition to be on the ballot in November.

8/22/46 Choteau acute housing shortage many cause two new doctors to leave. teachers are also in need of housing. High school abolishment assured by majority vote in general election.

8/29/46 Federal aid may assure hospital success. $40,000 grant to be offered if $15,000 is subscribed.

9/5/46 Ed Obernolte, manager of Choteau's newest business, announced the grand opening of the Coast-to-Coast. Store will be Friday and Saturday of this week. Council approves two street lights in the Hobson Addition.

9/19/46 Hampton Bloom of Choteau was elected president of the Associated Merchants of Montana at the annual convention in Butte.

10/3/46 Pets being poisoned, threat to tots may exist in poison method. It is believed the poison may be in candy. City to sell $108,000 bonds on Dec. 2, $55,500 water bonds and $25,500 sewer bonds.

10/17/46 Dr. McCarty leaves Choteau hospital, stated crowded conditions at the hospital was the reason.

10/24/46 Teton Memorial Hospital contributions received toward -- the $15,000 hospital fund totals a little over $2,000.

10/31/46 Hospital fund swells , $3,565 in past week.

11/7/46 County school abolished. voters pass measure more than 4 to 1.

11/14/46 Methodists set to construct new church valued over $35,000. The present structure has served the community for 51 years. (Photo) Harry Porter, Great Northern station agent in Choteau since 1917 will retire today. His replacement will be Carl Gulbrandsen of Pendroy.

11/21/46 The amount of $5,200 needed to finish hospital drive.

12/5/46 Wedum store robbed, thieves take $800 in cash, merchandise, lawbreakers crack safe to get at cash envelopes, $1010 overlooked. Owner Carl Wedum said a storm window in the back was removed to get in. Sale of bonds deferred, City Council plans decision by Dec. 16.

12/12/46 Storm assures white Christmas, 14 inches of snow in 24 hours in Choteau.

12/19/46 Citizens State Bank takes city bonds, water and sewer improvements in the offing. Hospital excavation work to start, additional $3,500 needed and then Teton Memorial Hospital Association may apply for $40,000 federal grant during January.

12/26/46 New Year's Eve Dance will take place at the Moose Hall and Masonic Hall.

Compiled by volunteer Ruth Reiquam on March 22, 26, 2013.

1/2/47 Temperature drops 43 degrees in six hours, on last Friday the Temperature dropped from 47 to 4 above.

1/9/47 George Luth and Dennis LaFromboise are in the Choteau jail pending charges in connection with Wedum's store robbery, Thanksgiving night. A third man, Ross Carter, has been apprehended for a similar job in Townsend. He is now serving his sixth hitch in Deer Lodge. Main census office for state at Choteau. Federal trade reports to be compiled here for the next four years.

1/23/47 Opening for Choteau's newest store, he Montana Trading Post, will be Jan. 25. It will be operated by WWII veterans. Location across the street from the post office.

2/13/47 Teton High School will dissolve as School District #1 board assumes directorship of high school and grade school; trustees to be selected in April.

2/27/47 Jury trial of George Luth and Dennis LaFromboise, who are charged with first degree burglary, will begin next Monday.

3/6/47 (Photo) George Luth convicted of burglary charge by district court jury. The case against LaFromboise was dismissed.

3/13/47 JC Penney store plans open house Saturday to show improvements (Picture on page 10).

3/20/47 Luth gets 10-year term at state pen.

3/27/47 New Feed Seed Co. open for business, operators are Julius and Boyd Stenson. Teton Memorial Hospital needs payment of pledges to maintain credit rating.

4/3/47 Teachers ask for wage boosts.

4/10/47 Earl Hollar, Gib Monkman and John Dunckel win school trustee posts. John Hentges elected mayor of Choteau.

4/17/47 No grade teachers sign contracts. Low salaries, release of teachers, promotions in other schools said to be reasons for teacher withdrawals; two in high school will not return.

5/1/47 Teachers to get MEA pay. District 1 meets salary minimum teachers ask.

5/8/47 Glen D. Holmes took over duties of depot agent with the Milwaukee Road in Choteau. He succeeds the late George Tennant.

5/15/47 Firemen from all over northern Montana will attend a fire school sponsored by Choteau Fire Dept. next weekend.

5/22/47 Chamber elects new officers, Pat Granger, president; Steve Strong, VP; and Pat Campbell, sec./treas.

5/29/47 Voters go to pools Saturday to pass on special mill levy. District 1 needs additional funds for teachers.

6/5/47 Voters pass special levy. Schools to get additional $16,000 for new term. Denzil McDonald was this week elected president of the Citizens State Bank.

6/12/47 (Photo) Honey plant now in new building. Roy Rabbit starts business on south side. Henneford's Variety Store to open next week.

6/19/47 Judge Jackson ends 29 years of city service He resigned his post because of poor health. His duties will be taken over by James Sulgrove. Creamery sold to V.C. Peterson of Great Falls, from William Flohr. Peterson has taken over active management.

6/26/47 Foundation laid for Hensley Tourist Cottages. The structures will begin to go up in the next few weeks. Jorgenson sells Penguin Café. Mrs. Helen Meltsch of Great Falls purchased the café and is now manager.

7/3/47 Fraser resigns census position, will move to Billings. Choteau ready to welcome throngs for two-day rodeo July 4-5.

7/10/47 Royal Theatre will close the latter past of July. Ownerships consolidate, after Aug. 1st the Roxy will be the only theater in operation. Beer parlors given Saturday closing at 2 a.m. for 90 days.

7/17/47 (Photo) Dr. E.M. Phillips, chiropractor from Spokane, starts practice in new office located in the E. Curtis building.

7/24/47 (Photo) Jeweler opens watch repair shop in Choteau's Henneford building. He is moving here from Chinook.

8/7/47 (Photo) Elliott Reyer named supervisor of Choteau Census Bureau office replacing Willard Fraser who resigned a month ago.

8/14/47 Additional $9,000 go to city levy for coming year.

9/11/47 A total of 54 planes stop at airport Sunday morning. 110 pilots registered. They were on a statewide air tour sponsored by the Montana Pilots Assn.

9/18/47 (Photo) Mr. and Mrs. Jack Duffey have taken over management of Beaupre Hotel from Mrs. H. Beaupre. Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Eller of Great Falls have subleased the restaurant.

9/25/47 Street improvements urged by Mayor. Naming of avenues and oiling some city streets are being discussed.

10/2/47 (Photo) Brown bear killed in city by Evan Thompson. It was killed on the north side of town. Lack of food seems to be reasons for the abundance of bears in the area this year.

10/9/47 Trading Post store to close. Retail goods and fixtures will be moved to Butte. E.G. Toomey, manager, will transfer to Butte. Moose Lodge to install new floor. There will be no Saturday dances until new floor is installed, about two weeks.

10/23/47 City fathers discuss street markers. The city council voted to discontinue permit which allows bars to stay open until 2 a.m. Closing time is now 12 midnight. Choteau is the only town in northern Montana with a midnight closing.

10/30/47 (Photo) Two of three tourist courts now being built, the Hensley Motel on the Augusta Highway and the Miller-Jay Cabins on the north side.

11/13/47 Choteau tax increase greatest in Montana. Pay less than many in state, says report.

11/20/47 City council hears report on city storage tanks, proposed water line. John Hall of Fort Shaw was named engineer for improvements. New Choteau cop takes over today. William Broere is replacing Martin Rose who resigned.

11/27/47 Sturgis Furniture Annex store located in the old Royal Theatre, will open this Saturday. A manager of the new store will be named in the next few days.

12/13/47 Combined Lutheran and Methodist choirs will again sing Christmas Carols around town on Dec. 21. Transportation provided by John Richem.

12/23/47 Varied and many programs for Christmas this past week were enjoyed by children and adults, St. Nick made an early appearance at the Roxy Theater, the children were thrilled.

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