City of Choteau News Highlights from 1988-1990
Teton County Montana.
A 2013 Centennial Project

"Summarized from the Choteau Acantha Newspaper with thier permission by Nancy Thornton, Choteau, Montana. All rights reserved." Copyright 2013-present by Nancy Thornton. This file may be freely copied for non-profit purposes.

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Compiled by Nancy Thornton with the cooperation of the Choteau Acantha 5/28/13.

1988 Drought conditions continued from the previous year with only 6.45 inches records at Choteau. Normal is 11.36.

Summer 1988 Spring Creek dried up.

1/30/89 Bad storm, 100+ winds, temperature drops from 60 to -25.
April 1989 Spring creek that dried up in summer 1988 started running again.
May 30, 1989 Ten inches of snow falls.
July 4, 1989 Choteau celebrated state centennial.
Breen Oil updated service station.
City water became chlorinated after a giardia scare.
Citizens State Bank sold to Teton Bankshares Inc.
Choteau Activities began construction on Main Avenue.
Vern Smiths' furniture store closed in fall.
Homer Gorder died and funeral home changed hands.

1990 Acantha news items
Jan-Feb/1990 Teton Medical Center involved in controversy. Lutheran Hospitals and Homes Society ends lease.
1/11/90 New mayor Raymond Hanson Jr. and two new councilmen, Malcolm Lussenden and Jim Spinder Jr. take office. They join Denny Perry and Jessie White on the council.
3/1/90 United Methodist church celebrates 100.
3/22/90 CHS volleyball team takes state championship.
3/22/90 Notice that Main street would be repaved.
4/5/90 Knudtzon lumber Co. burns down.
5/3/90 Cornell Hotel demolished, (Former Beaupre hotel.) Acantha to change ownership.
5//31/90 Dinosaur Day to be celebrated June 3, with dedication of Tetono, replica. 1,500 people attend (6/7/90)
11/28/90 Mayor suspends officer McKay, high winds buffet front 100 mph.

jan. 4, 1990, px of Verna Wiseman house. page 1 1989storm damage recalled; page 2, old photo of Blackleaf ranch.
March 29, 1990, page 10 Choteau's horseback bank parades down a great falls street in 1953, (and article)
April 5, page 1, 4, 5, 6. Knudtzon lumber co. fire.
April 19, pag 5 , easter egg hunt.
May 3, page 1, px taken in 1910, of Beaupre hotel and people standing in front. Bob Zion photo. (article Cornell hotel demolished)
May 17, page 7, Choteau main stree in 1915. the town from the school bell tower, bob zion photos.
June 7, page 1, dedication ceremony for dinosaur replica/ dinosaure in parade down Main street.
June 14, page 7,cornell being demolished.
June 20, page 10, wolves killed with Choteau people in frame, Choteau bank about 1911 , (William Cohoe of Seattle)
june 27, page 7, Choteau activities bldg dedicated.
July 11, page 4, fourth of July pics.
aug 22, page 1, GN depot on wheels to be moved to Weatherbeater.
Oct. 3, page 1, another pic of Cornel hotel, demolition showing old Beaupre sign revealed.
Oct. 24, 1990, page 6, old pic of farmer wagon with wool traveling on Main street. Herb Tangen photo.
Dec. 26, page 1, two pic of very cold weather on Main street.

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