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Cemeteries and Churches in Teton County, Montana

Cemetery Name

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Dates Address Sec/TownRng Lat/Longitude Phone
Battle Creek Cemetery aka Bushmen Battle Creek   Private       Unknown
Bynum Cemetery, 3 acres 1916-present 1/4 mile south of Bynum on Hwy 89 Section 31
   Contact D. Collins
Choteau Cemetery, 30 acres 1880-present  East side of Choteau on Secondary Highway 221.  Section 19, 30
  Contact City for primary source info
Dutton Cemetery, .987 acres   Dutton          Contact Jean Harman
Lillard Family Cemetery   Private land/ 15 miles west of Bynum      Contact Anne Dellwo, Bynum
Immanuel Cemetery aka Beck Cemetery. Surnames found: ASMUS, BECK, BECKER, BRICKS, BRUNNER, GAMRADT, GRAFSTROM, HOMBERG, JOHNSON, KEEL, KIND LIETZ LINDBERG, MCMANNAS, MEAGHER, NELSON, NEWMAN, SAND, SCHAEFER, SCHERMER, SCHWARTZ, STENGRIMSON, STEVENSON, TREBESCH.  1912 Approximately 10 miles NW of Power, MT and approximately 19 miles E of Choteau, MT Section 2
  47.784 N
111.816 W
 Contact Sylvia Newman Bryan, Choteau
Indian Burial Ground  unknown Cave Mountain      Unknown
Metis Cemetery
Surnames found: Bruno, Collins, Fellers, Gray, Larance, Parenteau, St. Germaine, Talipson.
1890s Northwest of Choteau near South Fork of Teton River on land owned by The Nature Conservancy. Contact: Al Wiseman
P.O. Box 155
Choteau MT 59422
Miller Colony   10 miles north of Choteau on Hwy 89      Contact colony
New Rockport Colony   Northeast of Choteau       Contact colony
Old (Blackfeet) Agency Burial Ground 1868-1876 Four miles North of Choteau on east side of Hwy 89, private ground Section 10
Contact B. Patton
Paulpers Cemetery (Poor Farm)   Four miles north of Choteau on west side of Hwy 89  Section 14
   West of State Hwy Dept
Power Community Cemetery  Former Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1.57 acres   Power      Section 14
   Contact P. Pffeife
Rockport Hutterite Colony     Northeast of Choteau      Contact colony
St. Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery, 1.77 acres       Fairfield   Section 8
   Contact Fairfield Town Hall
Sunset Hills Cemetery, 10.33 acres   Fairfield      Section 9
   Contact Fairifield Town Hall.
Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery aka Farmington Cemetery District, 3.351 acres  1899 8 miles east and 3 miles north of Choteau   Section
   Contact D. Chalmers
    Church Name Dates Address
    Choteau United Methodist Church  1894- Choteau
    Choteau Baptist Church Choteau
    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints   Choteau
    New Song Assembly of God Church   Choteau 
    St. Joseph's Catholic Church   Choteau
    Seventh-Day Adventist Church   Choteau
    Trinity Lutheran Church Choteau
    Assembly of God Church Fairfield
    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints   Fairfield
    Fairfield Faith Bible Church   Fairfield
    Fairfield Mennonite Church Fort Shaw
    Grace Lutheran Church   Fairfield
    St. John's Catholic Church   Fairfield
    St. John's Lutheran Church   Fairfield
    St. Paul Lutheran Church   Fairfield
    United Church of Christ Congregational   Fairfield and Power
    Dutton United Methodist Church Dutton
    Guardian Angel Catholic Church Power
    Zion Lutheran Church Power
    Teton Church of Christ Choteau
    Old Paths Baptist Church Choteau

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