The Teton County Courthouse Centennial Celebration on Dec. 2, 2006.

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The U.S. Postal Service and the Friends of Old Agency on the Teton, Inc., hosted a special cancellation and cache event on Dec. 2, to celebrate the Teton County Courthouse’s 100th birthday.

The special cancellation is featured above. Sorry, it's sold out.

In addition,

Centennial DVDs sold out, sorry.

A limited addition 8-pack notecard set with envelopes is sold out, sorry.

Proceeds benefited the Courthouse Outdoor Lighting Fund. The electrician Larry Renteria installed the lights on Nov. 27, 2007. Thanks to all.

The majestic stone Teton County Courthouse in Choteau Mont. celebrated its centennial on Dec. 2, 2006.
Teton County Courthouse Centennial

Dec. 2, 2006

Pictures on this page show the George Hoffman murder trial, partial re-enactment in courtroom, the centennial shop and cake in the courtroom during the open house and the ceremony on the front lawn.

Courthouse Centennial Sponsors:
Gift in Memory of Clara M. Corson Howard.
Choteau Acantha, United Methodist Church, Friends of Old Agency on the Teton Inc., Marjorie H. Cannon, Edith K. Peterson, Joe and Carol Schneider, Jay and Jerry Dunckel, Teton County Officials. National Parks Conservation Association, Montana Committee for the Humanities and Sonoran Institute, Rod and Caroline Cole and Joanne Cardell Carden, Douglas Carden and John Henry's Restaurant, Choteau.

Stonemason Sponsors:
Hayne Family, Tonkovich Family, Kaylee M. Larson, Chris and Jennie Garramon, Peter Bouma and Corlene Martin.
1906 Flag courtesy of Bouma Post Yards

The Courthouse Centennial Committee expresses its sincerest gratitude to the 50+ volunteers, county officials and courthouse staff who made the centennial celebration possible.

See newspaper announcing the finishing of the courthouse in 1906.

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Teton County Courtroom
ADA entrance
The Teton County commissioners cut the centennial cake.
Centennial shop
Clerk of District Court Lisa Sinton and her daughter Jena were in charge of hospitality in the courtroom.
Caroline Cole explains an item in the centennial shop.
Saying the Pledge of Allegiance.
Commissioner Arnie Gettel and DVD production assistant Logan Ley.
Unveiling the National Register Plaque.
Centennial cake
Jennie Garramon sells notecards and DVDs in the centennial shop.
Mock Trial
Nancy Thornton invites everyone to tour the courthouse after the mock trial. Laurie McKinnon in the beard!
Clerk and Recorder Paula Jaconetty and Justice of the Peace Pete Howard portray Mrs. Darby and Judge Hattersly in the mock trial.
Choteau High School history students portrayed the jury and the defendant.
County attorney Joe Coble (sitting) and local attorney Justin Lee portray prosecutor and defense attorney in the mock trial
Ed Dennis
Choteau Acantha editor Melody Martinsen takes notes.
Choteau actor Jim Hodgskiss portrays Commissioner Ed Dennis (1903-1907)

Copyright 2006-present  Nancy Thornton  All Rights Reserved

The murder trial re-enactment was standing room only!