Illinois and Michigan Canal Workers in 1848

"Transcribed from the Illinois State Archives Microfilm Roll No. 30-1496 Archives-Miscellaneous-Illinois and Michigan Timebooks RS491.44 Begins IM/CFN/G1 1840-41. Ends IM/CFN G-30B 1869-70 by Nancy Thornton. All rights reserved."

Copyright 2000-present by Nancy Thornton. All other rights reserved.
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Time books descriptions

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*onol, Terence IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Abit, Michl IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Ablt, Michhl IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Abuck, John IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Ackerman, -- IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Agen, Jno IM/CFN/G-12/184801
ALynch, Eugene IM/CFN/G-8/184801
Ambrose, (crossed out) Wm Enuict IM/CFN/G-9/184803
Ames, Cyren IM/CFN/G-10/184805
Anderson, Alex IM/CFN/G-8/184801
Anderson, Alexr IM/CFN/G-14/184802
Atkinson, Emanuel IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Atkison, Manual IM/CFN/G-12/1848nd
Bacus, John IM/CFN/G-13/184802
Ball, Anisy IM/CFN/G-11/184801
Banin, Patrick Teams IM/CFN/G-11/184801
Barret, Pat IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Barry, Barney IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Barry, Garret IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Barry, Garret IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Bearson, Henry IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Bebrook, Henry IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Beld, Milon IM/CFN/G-13/184802
Belt, Milon IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Berg, -ervis IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Berg, Simon IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Bertz, John IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Bishop, Andw IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Bishop, Michl IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Blansfield, john IM/CFN/G-11/184801
Blansfield, John IM/CFN/G-11/184802
Blansfield, John IM/CFN/G-11/184803
Blom, J IM/CFN/G-14/184803
Blom, Jn IM/CFN/G-9/184803
Blom, John IM/CFN/G-14/184802
Blom, John IM/CFN/G-8/184801
Blom, Nic IM/CFN/G-14/184802
Blom, Nicholas IM/CFN/G-8/184801
Bolls, * IM/CFN/G-12/1848nd
Boughton, - IM/CFN/G-10/184804
Bowen, Leonard (Team) IM/CFN/G-10/184803
Boyer, Chs E Teams IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Bradley, - IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Bradley, James IM/CFN/G-10/184711
Bradley, James IM/CFN/G-10/184802
Bradley, Micl IM/CFN/G-9/184803
Branin, James IM/CFN/G-11/184803
Branin, Mat IM/CFN/G-13/184802
Branin, Mcl IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Brannon, Patrick IM/CFN/G-10/184801
Brenin, John IM/CFN/G-11/184801
Brenin, John IM/CFN/G-11/184802
Brewer, D.W. IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Brewster, Antony IM/CFN/G-11/184801
Brewster, Antony IM/CFN/G-11/184802
Brimell, Anthony IM/CFN/G-12/1848nd
Brink, B. IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Brink, Barn IM/CFN/G-13/184802
Brink, Bernard IM/CFN/G-14/184803
Brockway, - IM/CFN/G-10/184804
Brockway, Amos IM/CFN/G-10/184805
Brooks, Chas IM/CFN/G-8/184801
Brown, Jacob IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Brown, Lawrence IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Brown, Rodney, (Boy) IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Bruetty, Mich IM/CFN/G-12/1848nd
Buckley, Con IM/CFN/G-13/184802
Buckley, Dennis IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Bulger, James IM/CFN/G-10/184710
Bulger, James IM/CFN/G-10/184711
Bumil, Anthy IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Burch, J IM/CFN/G-14/184802
Burch, John IM/CFN/G-14/184801
Burk, Cornelius, IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Burk, Levy IM/CFN/G-12/1848nd
Burke, Ed IM/CFN/G-14/184801
Burke, Ed IM/CFN/G-14/184802
Burke, Simon IM/CFN/G-12/1848nd
Burns, David (Teams) IM/CFN/G-10/184710
Burns, David (Teams) IM/CFN/G-10/184711
Burns, David IM/CFN/G-10/184710
Burns, David IM/CFN/G-10/184711
Burns, Thos IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Burns, Thos IM/CFN/G-14/184801
Burns, Thos IM/CFN/G-14/184802
Burns, Tom IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Bush, Peter IM/CFN/G-8/184801
Bush, Petr IM/CFN/G-14/184802
Butler, John IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Butler, John Teams IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Byron, John IM/CFN/G-11/184801
Byron, John IM/CFN/G-11/184802
Byron, John IM/CFN/G-11/184803


Caaitner, Lambert IM/CFN/G-8/184801
Cahil, Dan IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Calahan, - IM/CFN/G-10/184804
Calahan, John IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Calahan, Michl IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Calahan, Pat IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Caldwell, Geo IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Callaghan, Patrick IM/CFN/G-11/184801
Callwell, - IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Cammel, John IM/CFN/G-13/184802
Camnan, Martin IM/CFN/G-13/184802
Campbell, James IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Canttin, James IM/CFN/G-11/184801
Canttin, James IM/CFN/G-11/184802
Canttin, James IM/CFN/G-11/184803
Carns, James IM/CFN/G-8/184801
Carsy, James IM/CFN/G-13/184802
Cary, B IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Cary, Phil IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Casey, Dennis IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Cassady, Keran IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Cavano, Michl IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Cawley, Jas IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Cawley, Michl IM/CFN/G-8/184801
Cawley, Michl IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Chris, Edward IM/CFN/G-11/184803
Christopher, Edward IM/CFN/G-11/184801
Christopher, Edward IM/CFN/G-11/184802
Clark, John IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Clark, Wm IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Clary, Pat IM/CFN/G-14/184802
Clifford, Charles (Team) IM/CFN/G-10/184711
Coakly, Cornel Teams IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Coare_rty, Patr IM/CFN/G-8/184801
Cochlin, Edw IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Coffy, Jerry IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Coleman, Dav IM/CFN/G-14/184803
Coleman, Dav IM/CFN/G-9/184803
Coleman, David IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Coleman, Larry IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Collins, John IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Collins, Michl IM/CFN/G-13/184802
Collins, Michl IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Collins, Micl IM/CFN/G-14/184803
Collins, Micl IM/CFN/G-9/184803
Collins, Patk IM/CFN/G-8/184801
Collins, Patk IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Collins, Sid IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Collins, Sid IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Conmie, James IM/CFN/G-11/184801
Conn, Mn IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Connell, Richard IM/CFN/G-10/184710
Conner, Hugn IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Conner, James IM/CFN/G-11/184801
Conners, Luk IM/CFN/G-14/184802
Conners, Luke IM/CFN/G-14/184801
Conners, Martin IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Conway, Tim IM/CFN/G-11/184803
Conway, Timothy IM/CFN/G-11/184801
Conway, Timothy IM/CFN/G-11/184802
Corcoran, Owen IM/CFN/G-13/184802
Corcoran, Owen IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Cory, B IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Cotts, Henry IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Cowan, Michael IM/CFN/G-10/184710
Cowden Marvin IM/CFN/G-8/1848nd
Craeton, James IM/CFN/G-8/184801
Cramer, Andrew IM/CFN/G-12/1848nd
Crawford, Washng IM/CFN/G-10/184804
Crawley, Henry IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Crighton, Jas IM/CFN/G-14/184802
Crighton, Jas IM/CFN/G-14/184803
Crilly, John IM/CFN/G-10/184710
Crilly, John IM/CFN/G-10/184711
Crilly, John IM/CFN/G-10/184802
Crilly, John IM/CFN/G-10/184806
Cronin, Johnn IM/CFN/G-10/184805
Cronin, Joshua IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Cronin, Pat IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Cronin, Patk IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Cronin, Wm IM/CFN/G-13/184802
Cronin, Wm IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Crow, Chl IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Crowley, John IM/CFN/G-10/184711
Crowley, Timothy IM/CFN/G-10/184711
Cuminins, Luke IM/CFN/G-10/184710
Cummins, Luke IM/CFN/G-10/184711
Cummins, Pat IM/CFN/G-11/184802
Cummins, Pat IM/CFN/G-11/184803
Cummins, Patrick IM/CFN/G-11/184801
Cuningham, Danl IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Cunningham, Danl IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Daily, Mcl IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Daily, Michl IM/CFN/G-13/184802
Damano, Peter IM/CFN/G-10/184805
Dar-, Casper IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Davis, Wm IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Dee, Pat IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Degan, Thos IM/CFN/G-14/184803
Degnan, Thos IM/CFN/G-14/184801
Degnan, Thos IM/CFN/G-14/184802
Degnan, Thos IM/CFN/G-9/184803
Degrof, John IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Dempsy, Antony IM/CFN/G-14/184803
Demyer, Ben IM/CFN/G-14/184803
DeMyer, Ben IM/CFN/G-9/184803
Derbecker, Joe IM/CFN/G-9/184803
Dinan, Pat IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Dineen, John IM/CFN/G-8/184801
Dineen, Thos IM/CFN/G-8/184801
Docherty, Dennis IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Dolan, Micl IM/CFN/G-14/184801
Donahue, John IM/CFN/G-14/184802
Donihoue, Dad IM/CFN/G-11/184803
Donihoue, Daniel IM/CFN/G-11/184801
Donihoue, Daniel IM/CFN/G-11/184802
Donoghue, John IM/CFN/G-13/184802
Donoghue, John IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Donoghue, John IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Donohou, Owen IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Donohue, J IM/CFN/G-9/184803
Donohue, Jas IM/CFN/G-14/184803
Double, Ber IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Dous, Henry IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Downey, John IM/CFN/G-8/184801
Downey, Peter IM/CFN/G-11/184801
Doyle, Pat IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Driskel, Danl IM/CFN/G-13/184802
Drown, Chas IM/CFN/G-13/184802
Drown, Chas IM/CFN/G-9/184711
Dubecker, Jas IM/CFN/G-14/184802
Ducrow, Robert IM/CFN/G-11/184801
Ducrow, Robert IM/CFN/G-11/184802
Dulan, Nich IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Dulan, Nichl Teams IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Duncan, Stephen IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Dunisen, Morris IM/CFN/G-8/184801
Dunn, John IM/CFN/G-10/184710
Dunn, John IM/CFN/G-10/184711
Dunn, John IM/CFN/G-10/184804
Dunn, John IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Dunn, John IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Durbecker, J IM/CFN/G-14/184803
Durbecker, Jacob IM/CFN/G-8/184801
Durgan, Morris IM/CFN/G-8/184801
Dwyar, Jas IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Dwyar, Jeremiah IM/CFN/G-12/184801
Dydenburgh, Joseph IM/CFN/G-8/184801