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The Friends to put Blackfeet Agency history online.

After three years of exhaustive work, the Friends are pleased to announce a major effort is underway
to put the digitized Blackfeet Agency's correspondence, employment records, and annual reports online
for the benefit of Native American research and educational purposes. The first stage is underway.
Click this link to Agency Archives Page Last Updated   6/26/18

Nancy Thornton is recipient of M. Hansen Endowment Grant.

The Wilderness Institute of the University of Montana College of Forestry in April 2005 awarded
Friends President Nancy Thornton of rural Choteau a $1,000 Matthew Hansen Endowment
grant to write the history of the Four Persons Blackfeet Agency (1868-1876), known locally as
the Old Agency on the Teton.
The Matthew Hansen Endowment was established in 1984 as a memorial to Matthew Hansen
and his ideals. The Endowment grants awards for historical research, creative writing and
wilderness-studies projects that explore Montana’s land and people. Thornton used the
money to purchase copies of Old Agency documents and to take a trip to the National Archives in Denver.

Land Acquistion project suspended.

On June 30, 2005 The Friends of Old Agency suspended its project to acquire the Old Agency site.
The landowner declines to sell the Old Agency site and the three-year old project cannot move
forward without willing sellers. However, The Friends are working on a license agreement to give
tours of the site. More Information coming soo.

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Contract of the second Blackfeet Agency

Read the text of the contract to build the second Blackfeet Agency once located 3.5 miles north of
Choteau Montana. Please note that the site is on private land and requires permission of the
owner to visit. PDF.

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Mountain Chief's death

The Blackfeet leader Mountain Chief and his oldest son were buried at Old Agency in 1872.
Read the report on his death. PDF.

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The last days of the second Blackfeet Agency

Read an account of the last days the agency was located near Choteau before it was moved to
Badger Creek. PDF.

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•Thornton is the recipient of M. Hansen Grant

•Land Acquisition project suspended

•Contract of the Second Blackfeet Agency

•Mountain Chief's death

•The Last Days of the second Blackfeet Agency